Premiere: Melbourne’s Fever Speak Tear Down ‘Walls’ With Huge New Single

Fever Speak; one of Melbourne’s best new rock acts. 

Last month, I caught Melbourne alternative rockers Fever Speak support Belle Haven and Casey at the Evelyn Hotel. The general take away I had from their solid set and overall sound was: zero gimmicks, no bullshit, just four (now five) dudes playing rock music they enjoyed, as best they could. The local band wears their influence on their sleeve, but that’s no bad thing! The group has a massive live sound to say the very least, with plenty of scope and dynamic range to their compositions, and that translates brilliantly to their stellar recordings too. Engineered by Melbourne producer Beau McKee, ‘Walls‘ is a delicate, soothing yet weighty rock piece through and through; an absolutely dynamic and textured four-minute new addition from the Fever Speak camp.

We had a quick chat with guitarist/vocalist Brenton Mash about all things pertaining to the emotion behind ‘Walls‘ and it’s intent of intimacy and honest communication; about Fever Speak’s budding future; how the band are tentatively slotting their next release for 2019 (the follow up to 2017’s ‘Melpomene‘), but won’t be rushing things too quickly; and on working with close friends in the scene who they’ve seen hone their craft over the years and have great respect for. Have a read of said interview before jumping headlong into the burning heart and mammoth sounds of ‘Walls‘ below!

  1. KYS: What’s the story behind ‘Walls’; what does it mean to you?

“‘Walls’ is about breaking down the barriers of communication between one another, and getting to know someone for who they truly are. Ignoring the exterior, and getting to know what’s underneath, for better or worse. I feel like we’re missing out on so much of others by judging a book by its cover. I think it also speaks to the excitement and joy you can get out of getting to know someone, and what they’re like when they let their guard down.”

  1. KYS: With you guys becoming a five-piece with the inclusion of new guitarist Jake Biondo, how has that changed the inner-band dynamic, if at all? 

“Fever Speak is a family. We’re all brothers and it always feels good when a family grows. We’ve been close friends with Jake for years, and having him on board feels so natural. We’ve found our missing ingredient, our dynamic has improved. We’re more comfortable, more productive and having more fun than ever.”

  1. Who did you work with to create this new song? Can we expect a new EP or album from Fever Speak in 2018? 

“After a heap of discussion between us we decided to work with Beau McKee, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Most of us can remember when Beau first started working as an engineer and his work is always so tasteful and he’s such a great person to be around. We’re definitely writing new material, but I think our next release will be early 2019. I think our new material is a big step up from ‘Melpomene’ and we definitely don’t want to rush anything.”

  1. KYS: With the track’s accompanying film clip, where’d you shoot the video and who put it together for you? 

“We shot the video at Pony Music in Hallam. We used the live room of their incredible recording studio, stacked the room full of cool amplifiers and went for it. We worked with Andrew Bromley which was an absolute pleasure. Again, the opportunity to work with someone that we’ve seen grow from the start of their pursuits really made the experience even sweeter.”

  1. KYS: You guys have been hitting more and more gigs in 2018, with the Fever Speak name becoming more frequent. So what’s the future looking like for Fever Speak moving forward? 

“We just want to put more music out and play more shows. This band started as a way for us to channel our energy, be it positive or negative, into something that we can enjoy. It just so happened that other people seem to enjoy it as well. We just want to keep the good vibes and good times flowing. We’re appreciative of every person who has given us their time, kind words and support. We’ve got an incredible network of fans and friends that make playing this music even more enjoyable than we could have imagined. Specifically, though, we want to start playing interstate. Traveling our music and sharing more stages with more bands, making new friends and making new memories.”

Catch Fever Speak supporting Moose Blood & Hundredth on Sunday, September 2nd at the Corner Hotel


Fever Speak, 2018.

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