Premiere: Lifeblood Search For Breathing Room On New Single, ‘Expand’

Lifeblood search for emotional solace & mental breathing room on ‘Expand’.

The last time we heard from Brisbane’s Lifeblood was their decent 2017 single, ‘Laughing Stock‘. Working once again with producer/engineer Troy Brady (ex-Amity Affliction), and now working with Alpha Wolf’s Scottie Simpson for mastering purposes, Lifeblood is significantly upping their game with their newest single ‘Expand‘.

With a furious, jagged hardcore sound that places them alongside state natives, She Cries Wolf and Deadlights, or even Perth’s finest Statutes, Lifeblood showcase plenty of energy and aggression here by flexing their groove and riff muscles aplenty. Yet ‘Expand‘ goes deeper than just a solid, macho-musical-front for knuckle-dragging mosh. What with commanding vocalist and lyricist Dylan Clark using the abrasive textures, dissonant tones and throttling nature of Lifeblood’s instrumentals to drive along discussions of inner turmoil; screaming passionately about deep feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, depression, and of just being overwhelmed in general. It’s honest and emotionally heavy thematic content all wrapped up in a sonically head-beating package – a call to break free from the bleak rut of one’s darkest thoughts.

Taken from upcoming EP ‘The Air In My Lungs‘ – out Friday, October 12th – Lifeblood have decided it’s time to put up or shut up with this new release. Not being able to contain their excitement about this forthcoming EP, Dylan mentioned to us how this is project has resulted in the most pride the band has felt towards any of their art thus far, saying: “This has been a while coming. We have been playing a bunch of shows lately and holding on to this record to wait for a good time to kick this off. We are hyped to get this into people’s ears. It’s the stuff we are most proud of so far in our career.

Go stream ‘Expand‘ and its Nick Hargans-shot clip below! It’s easily the best two-and-a-half-minute experience you’ll get out of this lovely Thursday evening. Trust me.

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