Premiere: The Valley Ends – ‘Embers’

Beautiful, dynamic, & emotionally reaping; The Valley Ends in a nutshell

The last time we heard any new soothing melodic sounds from Melbourne’s jazzy post-hardcore outfit, The Valley Ends, was back in May with our premiere of their previous single, ‘Dark Emu‘. Today, the band and are ourselves are at it again, as we now team up to bring you their latest release: the dreamy and self-determined passion of ‘Embers‘.

Embers‘ – is produced, mixed and mastered by the band’s instrumentalist, Blake Drenth – is a soothing and lush four-minute soundscape of coloured riffs, flowing rhythms, and touching ambience; all backed up by the ethereal and gripping vocal delivery of frontman Tim D’Agostino. It’s a lot like floating through a layered dream of happiness, anxiety and sorrow. Much like ‘Dark Emu‘ before it earlier in 2018, ‘Embers‘ sees The Valley Ends progressing really nicely as a unit; with better musicianship and songwriting chops that explode like revolutionary lightning, consuming any and all older, archaic societal systems in the process.

This new track actually comes off the group’s debut LP, ‘Hearth‘, which is due out sometime later this year. And the more of this upcoming record that I hear, the more I want it right fucking now! Honestly, I hope you all feel the same way about these guys. In the meantime, however, The Valley Ends will be performing  ‘Embers’ at the second last ever BANG on Saturday, August 11th later this week. So light a spark and let it burn up with ‘Embers‘ below:

Both KYS & The Valley Ends would like to acknowledge & pay respects to the first traditional owners of this land & to their elders past, present and future.

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