Homesick Announce New LP ‘Terra Nullius’, Sign To Resist Records

Australian hardcore needs more bands like Homesick.

“Terra nullius” is a Latin expression meaning “nobody’s land”, often used to describe such a territory occupied by another state or power. This term has been used much in the way of legal battles regarding stolen Indigenous lands all around the world for decades now. This, as you can imagine, also includes such taken heritage right here in Australia. Namely about how people define and excuse the actions of settlers against Australia’s first people because there was “no clear ownership of land”, and “history-wars” that have since been fought out in Australian courtrooms.

For Sydney hardcore act, Homesick, their music takes a strong stance against the destruction of Indigenous Australian culture from European settlement onwards; seeking to help listeners find acknowledgement of past traumas and thus creating awareness of those issues today. As such, ‘Terra Nullius‘ is a fitting title for a new record of theirs that will no doubt not hold back on any front. (This topic also being something that the sorely underrated and long-defunct Fires Of Waco also spoke about in their song of the same name just a few years back).

2017’s ‘Won’t Let Go‘ saw Homesick cover a multitude of topics, ranging from social commentary to interpersonal issues and, of course, the struggles that Indigenous Australians face in our modern society. On September 14th, under the banner of Resist Records and produced by Jay Maas (Verse, Defeater, Bane), Homesick will do just that again by bringing their ferociously personal and political hardcore sound to the local scene with the 11-tracks of ‘Terra Nullius‘. As heard and seen on this upcoming record’s first released carving, the fiery and passionate two and a half minutes of ‘Nura‘.

At its deepest core, ‘Nura‘ is a pure and unabashed hardcore mission statement from Homesick as not just a musical unit but as five individual people as well. This new single’s title is taken from the language of the Eora Nation (New South Wales), with Nura meaning ‘place’; with that concept working directly into this new LP’s wider discussions of land, ownership, and the culture that’s intrinsic to such matters. Whilst perhaps also stemming from the work of the University of New South Wales’s educational Indigenous Programs unit, Nura Gili; a group set to raise further acceptance, knowledge and love for Indigenous culture in the state and around Australia.

Check out ‘Nura‘ below before ‘Terra Nullius‘ lands later in September via the band’s new label home, Resist Records.

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