Burn In Hell (ex-Vices) Launch New EP, ‘HUMANITY PLAGUE’

From the ashes of Vices comes a filthy & violent new sound: Burn In Hell.

Back in March of 2018, I watched a band I loved dearly pack out Wollongong’s Rad Bar for a sweaty and passionate final set. That band was the sorely underrated Vices – one of the best hardcore bands Australia will ever have to offer. It was a great send-off gig, with the hope that the members would move onto new projects in the future. Well, since that band’s end, however, a couple of its members have done just that: moving onto something darker, something much heavier. As Vices drummer Marcus Tamp and bassist Jai Curtis, along with guitarist Thomas Sigal and Mitchell Chambers, form Burn In Hell; a spiteful, raging mixture of hardcore and death metal. (It’s great to see both Marcus and Jai continuing music in a new format too).

Produced/mixed by Sigal at THIS Audio, with mastering from Audioseige’s Brad Boatright, Burn In Hell’s debut hits like a fuckin’ truck. ‘HUMANITY PLAGUE‘ is a filthy, slammin’ and violent seven-track hardcore/death-metal release penned to the very worst of humanity. With absolutely zero room or minced words for rapists, racists, crooked leaders, bigots, and other such such scum out there. Distorted, indomitable screams merge with chunky, low guitar riffs and noisy, loud drumming throughout. All the while as heavy breakdowns, blast beats, machine-gun double-kicks, two-step parts and dissonant intervals fire-off from the very bowels of the earth. And it’s not half bad, truth be told! A heavy, dark and violent release to mirror a dark and violent world.

Bathe in the flames of hatred with Burn In Hell’s debut EP below:

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