Easy Life Re-Launch Themselves As After Touch, Release New Single

We liked ’em as Easy Life, still like ’em as After Touch. 

One of the smaller, sleeper-hit Australian bands that UNFD snapped up last year were underground melodic hardcore locals, Easy Life. Off the sturdy back of their rather solid four-track EP, 2017’s ‘There Can’t Be This Much Water In The Sky‘, the budding five-piece were absolutely “ones to watch” in the national scene with the sheer bangers of ‘I’m Fading Away‘ and ‘Light Me Up‘. Showing song-writing skills far beyond their years, I was super keen to hear more from this band ever since that aforementioned EP touched down. Well, turns out I got just that last week, but from a now fresh and re-branded Easy Life After Touch.

The name, material and sound of Easy Life is now being left behind, as the young NSW group wish to grow and mature further as people and as musicians. Apparently feeling held back by not just their older sound but also the previous moniker they bore as well. Similar to the recent works of Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, and even The Amity Affliction, these Shellharbour lads now step into a slicker but no less dark and polished electro alt-rock universe under the After Touch name. Showing off this sonic skin-shedding will be the group’s forthcoming EP, ‘You Wish This Was About You’ (ooft), which was recorded with Chameleon Sound’s Elliott Gallart and will drop via UNFD on September 7th later this year.

Speaking to Hysteria not too long ago about the name change and the topics behind this new EP, vocalist Max Pasalic stated that:

“A lot of the songs that we recorded for this EP deal with relationships—people being together and moving apart—and we really liked the idea of ‘Touch’ because that’s a bit of a motif throughout all of the songs. And I guess the whole ‘After’ idea came from us saying that this band comes after another band. We decided that ‘After’ and ‘Touch’ together sounded pretty cool and it represents a lot of what we were trying to get at with [the new EP], so it just felt right.”

While said new EP is still a couple months away from release, we do have the debut single from the After Touch household available now, an anthemic cut by the name of ‘Use Me‘. A lyrical call to sever any and all superficial ties in one’s personal life, this first single is indicative of the Aussie band’s sharp change in sound; from that of melodic hardcore and post-hardcore over to now synth-heavy alternative rock vibes, but with all of the emotional pain and rawness still intact. It’s an interesting reinvention, but one that I’m very keen to hear more from!

Have a geez at the stylish and neon-glinted Glenn Hanns directed music video (Bleeders, Battle Ground) for ‘Use Me‘ below:

PC: Dylan Pfenning

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