Daughters Release First New Song In Eight Years: ‘Satan In The Wait’

Fuck yeah: Daughters are back!

Rhode Island grind/math-core outfit Daughters have two fabled releases for such extreme music: 2002’s self-titled EP and 2003’s lavishly hectic ‘Canada Songs‘. Even the group’s later, more melodic and noise-rock material is still adored by fans too – both 2006’s ‘Hell Songs‘ and 2010’s much-lauded self-titled LP.

However, there’s been a big gap between drinks since from the band – eight years, to be exact. That ends now with new single, ‘Satan In The Wait‘, and this isn’t your father’s Daughters, no sir. Just like the difference between their first two releases and what followed, this new single is something once again different; all in terms of genre, mood, pacing, and tone, yet still carries that same old consistent songwriting quality.

Taken from their new, yet-to-be-fully-announced album, ‘Satan In The Wait‘ is a brooding and exquisite death march right into the mouth of oblivion over the course of seven minutes. What with sluggish drum grooves, thick bass riffs, striking synth chords, ominous sounds, and mysterious lyrics about how tomorrow and yesterday are equally separate and entwined all creating a dark and hellish vibe. Whether you prefer the older or newer releases of Daughters, I can almost guarantee you that you aren’t too old nor too cool to check out and love this new track. Do so below:

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