Architects Have Released A Moving Piano Reprise Of ‘Doomsday’

As ‘Doomsday’ wasn’t emotional enough already given the subject matter, Architects have ripped our hearts out again with this beautiful piano reprisal. 

Architects have shown off their softer, intimate side a handful of times over the years, foregoing their aggressive metalcore sound in the process. You see this on songs like ‘Hollow Crown‘, the beautiful ‘An Open Letter To Myself‘, the acoustic rock epic of ‘Heartburn‘, and hidden gem ‘Untitled‘. Much more recently, the English band has done just that with moving piano ballad reenvisioning of ‘Doomsday‘.

With composer/producer James Beckwith performing the song’s sparse and piano parts and frontman Sam Carter giving a delicate, stripped-back vocal performance, it peels away the layers of guitar riffs, drums, and screaming of the original to shine an even larger light upon the deep loss and melancholy of the original work; the band’s first release since guitarist Tom Searle sadly passed away in 2016. In short, it’s gut-wrenching stuff; taking an already incredibly important song for the band and their career of late and making it even more emotional. Proof that a great song can be a great song in any format.

Over Twitter recently, Architects drummer Dan Searle stated that ‘Doomsday‘ “…needed a rendition that exposed the sadness behind the lyrics and Sam performed it beautifully”.  While also on the topic of the drummer and this song, Dan also revealed the heavy meaning behind the original track’s lyric of, “You said you cheated death but heaven was in my head“, saying:

After Tom passed away I had recurring dreams where he was alive and I would ask him how it was possible. He couldn’t explain it but he assured me that he was alive and well. The Doomsday line is in reference to waking from those dreams. I still dream of him all the time.

The visual aspect to this new version of ‘Doomsday‘ – directed by Stuart T Birchall – sees the original video’s shots now bathed in greyscale with the band members’ performance shots also removed; fully fitting the new mood and sonics captured by this touching piano rendition of a modern-day Architects classic. Take five minutes out of your day to experience this gorgeous re-working below:

[PC: Ed Mason].

And if you want to see just how far Architects have come nowadays, look no further than their performance of ‘Doomsday’ from their Alexandria Palace set from February 2018, directed by Tom Welsh. It’s insane!

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