The Midnight Will Make You Swoon With New Tune, ‘Lost Boy’

‘Lost Boy’ is proof that The Midnight can do no wrong.

One of my favourite releases from 2017 was The Midnight’s ‘Nocturnal‘ EP; a stunningly moody and noir synthwave release soundtracking late night adventures with buttery-smooth production and huge vocal hooks. It was the band’s highest achievement following the ‘Days Of Thunder‘ EP (2014) and their debut LP ‘Endless Summer‘ (2016), and much like Gunship’s self-titled LP (2015), was a real benchmark for the genre.

Leaving the rainy nighttime city streets of their last EP behind and stepping out onto burning beaches under the bright Californian sunshine is their new single, ‘Lost Boy‘. It’s The Midnight from top to bottom, ushering in a new endless summer for themselves and fans alike about finding real love. The relaxing and soothing synth bass lines glide under vocalist Tyler Lyle’s calming, sensual vocals in the verses and his higher, belting range in the choruses. The yin to the vocalist’s yang is, of course, producer Tim McEwan, whose glossy and colorful production is as strong as ever for the track’s instrumental qualities; soulful, star-shooting ’80s guitar leads included!

Chill out with ‘Lost Boy‘ below:

Want more of The Midnight? Course you fuckin’ do! Check out Tyler’s feature on Timecop1983’s ‘Night Drive‘.

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