Northlane Pick Up Where ‘Mesmer’ Left Off With New Single, ‘Vultures’

Northlane bringing the heavy goods with ‘Vultures’.

Following an excited fan-driven treasure hunt on Reddit led to the early discovery of Northlane’s latest single, ‘Vultures‘, this week (with clues hidden away in their Summer European tour promos), the Australian heavy-weights have ushered in their newest single today. And it’s fuckin’ good, to say the very least!

On the one hand, it’s just another layered, bouncy metalcore jam from a band who is well-known for creating such solid songs. But on the other hand, Northlane haven’t sounded this driven lyrically or this kinetic in terms of rhythms and energy since Side B of 2017’s ‘Mesmer‘ (the better side of that record); continuing on from that LP’s sound really nicely. Along with a tight and groovy flow, melodic soundscapes layered over thick, down-tuned riffs, Marcus Bridge lays out a powerful vocal call of perseverance in the wake of both internal and external doubt. (As shown by the cowering figure on this new single’s artwork, surrounded by darkness with just a small light of hope or reason left to escape into).

Working alongside Chris Blancato and Dave Petrovic for instrumental and vocal production respectively, and later mixed by Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery), ‘Vultures‘ is another strong step forward for Northlane. Addressing fans directly in their social media posts, the band gave some backstory to their latest offering, writing:

“We’ve had a relatively quiet year of touring, and while we have enjoyed our time at home we haven’t been able to sit still. This brief respite of tranquillity was invigorating for us and that inspiration led to the creation of Vultures. We returned to our roots and self-produced this song in Western Sydney with the help of some old friends. It was an uncompromising process, nothing is more valuable to any of us than being true to ourselves. We hope you’ll find your own meaning in these words and scream them back at us even louder.”

Sure, the “purists” out there will ask for ‘Discoveries‘ and ‘Singularity‘ era to come back around, but that was then, and this is now. And there’s no better time to be a fan of Northlane right now, what with great songs like ‘Vultures‘ getting pumped out.

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