Birds In Row Merge Contemporary Dance With Hardcore In ‘I Don’t Dance’ Film Clip

One of the more unique music videos you’ll watch in 2018. 

The rhythmic ferocity and extremity of bands like Norma JeanIEatHeartAttacks and Converge come alive under the vision of Birds In Row, as they sprinkle hooks and melodic guitars over the fiendish screams and careening drumming a la FJØRT. The French band’s latest record, July’s ‘We Already Lost The World‘, is that and so much more. Yet one of the most arresting and attention-grabbing creations to come from the Laval trio’s latest LP was last month’s music video for the single, ‘I Don’t Dance‘.

Shot in Berlin, Germany – with the wonderful cinematography from Colin Elves – the expressive dancing of Riccardo De Simone & Yuri Yuris plays out the song’s full narrative of a lover’s quarrel; of never wanting to love again and closing yourself off from intimacy. Moving from early harmony and in-sync movements with one another to short-lived embrace, then to conflict and gracefully trading blows with one another. The whole dance routine lays out the rocky up and downs of someone’s love life, but also the wounds left on them after the fact. Just as the dynamic, raw track itself heavily dictates once the final lines land: “You’ll never dance again/And you burn this stupid dress/Five years later, same faces, same dance“.

I Don’t Dance‘ really is a great and inventive music video; the kind of approach we need much more of in alternative and heavy music circles. The only other video I can think of like this from 2018 so far would be Halestorm’s recent clip for ‘Black Vultures‘ – merging hard rock and all-female group contemporary dance efforts. But here, Birds In Row take the violent “all other Deathwish bands at once” melodic hardcore sounds and pair it with something beautiful and methodical visually speaking. The end result is something very, very cool, indeed. Move along with ‘I Don’t Dance‘ below:

‘We Already Lost The World’ is out now via Deathwish Records. Check it out below: 

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