Wraith Announce National ‘Artificial Bloom’ Tour

A brand new Wraith tour for a brand new Wraith single.

Sydney’s Wraith are one of the better up and coming deathcore acts in Australia right now. Of course, don’t merely take my word for it. Just take a listen to their previous single, the short but brutally sweet ‘Contention‘ or their ridiculously solid Slipknot cover from earlier in 2018. These guys don’t waste your time; they don’t musically wank-off into oblivion and instead bombard your ears with slick but fitting production, evil-as-shit riffs, wicked grooves, and solid breakdowns; saying their peace, opening up the mosh, and getting out just as fast. Brevity is a true gift in genres like deathcore these days and I’m thankful for their approach to it.

Yet another great example of what Wraith can do with their sound is shown-off on the band’s latest single, the heavy, riffy and bouncy banger of ‘Artificial Bloom‘. Engineered & produced by Tom Cadden, this newest track is actually just one of four new “chapters” taken from their forthcoming split release with Adelaide pals, Mauvais, which is due out in late September. Wraith will actually be heading out on tour around Australia in August in the wake of this new song, with Mauvais, Melbourne’s The Gloom In The Corner and 23/19 in supportive tow.

Check out full tour deets below and then end the fuckin’ world with the apocalypse of ‘Artificial Bloom‘:

PC: Sauvage Photo.

Check out the full list of upcoming Wraith live shows below: 

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