El Ten Eleven Race Towards New LP With The Stunning, ‘You Are Enough’

The latest El Ten Eleven single, ‘You Are Enough’, is essential weekend listening. 

On August 10th via the good folks over at Topshelf Records, long-running Californian post-rock duo, El Ten Eleven, will release their seventh studio album, ‘Banker’s Hill‘. Formed way back in 2002, this American pair make the kind of beautiful, sweeping instrumental post-rock that only comes with years of writing and playing music together. And this vast experience shines through on their newest single, the emotive-as-hell ‘You Are Enough‘.

Speaking about the latest cut from their upcoming LP, the band shared that this track is about, “how there’s a strange beauty in anxiety if one can observe it and not be enslaved by it (which is not easy!) via mindfulness. Darkness creeping into one’s life, which is represented by that long breakdown in the song, can actually increase gratefulness and end up being a net positive.” So, with El Ten Eleven being a solely instrumental act, do they nail and summon up such feelings with this new song? Without a doubt, yes!

Armed with serene melodies, some wonderful loop ideas, strong vamp parts, an array of pedals, and some solid use of his DigiTech whammy, bassist/guitarist Kristian Dunn paints the harmonic and melodic space of this song beautifully so. Whether it’s looping sections to later riff off or just punching his guitar’s body or neck to get the pick-ups and strings resonating to create really dark ambiance, the way Kristian creates these sounds is so engaging to watch and listen to. Of course, the yin to his yang is drummer Tim Fogarty, who holds everything down with his air-tight percussion; always playing to the song’s needs than against it. Tim even shifts from his electronic sampled drums and pads in the intro over to his acoustic drums (on what is a nifty dual-setup kit) as the piece progresses further on as well, all for a really nice contrast. For just two guys, they make stunning music that’s more widescreen and more expansive than most bands can make with four or five members!

It’s all beautiful stuff, and you need to get lost within this natural and authentic composition immediately. Earlier this week, I actually drove past a random road sign that said “Keep going, you’re doing great!” while on my way to work and I feel like this gorgeous song would’ve been the perfect soundtrack to that moment in time.

Watch ‘You Are Enough‘ get played through at the Panoramic House in the picturesque Stinson Beach, Northern California, the studio where they recorded live all of ‘Banker’s Hill with producer Sonny Diperri (Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Protomartyr), below:

Check out the pair’s previous single, ‘Phenomenal Problems’, and it’s awesome double-neck guitar/bass playing over here

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