Hellions Embrace Self-Worth On Laid-Back New Single, ‘Furrow’

Sad & happy vibes for days on this brand new Hellions track.

If you had told me after Hellions released ‘Die Young‘ or ‘Indian Summer‘ they’d write a record like 2016’s ‘Opera Oblivia‘, I’d have laughed in your dumb, idiotic face. If you had then stated that the Sydney band would write songs like ‘X (Mwah)‘ and new single ‘Furrow‘, I’d request you be institutionalized immediately to have your head checked. Yet fuck me, that’s what Hellions have been up to lately; writing honestly for themselves alone and shedding off their heavier, bouncier hardcore roots in favour of stylistic diversity and something far more sonically vibrant. And it’s working well so far!

The laid-back ‘Furrow‘ is as mellow, as ballad-like, and as relaxed as Hellions have ever been in terms of song-writing, tone and pacing. With sweet guitar licks, Matthew Gravolin’s stronger vocal presence, restrained rapped verse from frontman Dre Faivre, some nice pop vocal hooks, and cheesy but darkened synth leads come the end, you sure could fool me this was the same band who once wrote a blistering track like ‘Lie‘. It’s a song that makes me so curious about what the band have cooked up for us next on album #4.

This new single sees Hellions continuing their new-found musicality from their previous critical claimed LP in a number of ways. Namely through some heavy chord progression changes; seeing a drastic change from major to minor scale around the halfway mark of this new song. A musical change that’s as stark a shift as it is so for the song’s lyrics about how we self-crit and self-analyse; moving from the likes of “I’ve loathed people that have loved themselves/I can’t be happy if I can’t be myself” to “don’t say you love me don’t say you’re sorry/I know better than to believe you and I deserve no better“.

In fact, the band’s happy-go-lucky drummer and co-writer of this new jam, Anthony Caruso, summed up the theme of track well-enough with his description of the single’s artwork:

“The fallen tulip in the artwork is an acknowledgment to the struggle and loneliness we can feel in fighting our own battles of self-perception, while being able to realise someone else’s.”

Lean on the shoulders of ‘Furrow‘ and get a new perspective below. I don’t know about you lot, but I am more than ready for the next Hellions album to drop sooner rather than later!

5 Responses to “Hellions Embrace Self-Worth On Laid-Back New Single, ‘Furrow’”

  1. Shitters

    Opera Oblivia was incredible. The first single was a massive grower. This is so different again but still so uniquely Hellions. My most anticipated release this year along with Architects and BMTH (assuming they do)

    • Shitters

      It’ll definitely be out later this year. From what they’ve said it seems like it’ll be a ‘that’s the spirit x prodigy sorta thing. It’ll be intersting at least. Their last record took ages but it got to me

      • Alex Sievers Alex Sievers

        I’m pretty keen for new BMTH honestly. They’ve started doing different shit on each album; straying away from the sound of each previous release in the process. So am interested to see what they do now.

  2. Firey259 Firey

    Half of TTS was gold.

    Then the rest was okay…except Happy Song, god I hate that song so much.

    Maybe they could finally release a consistent album…though if they’re adding Prodigy type stuff then this won’t happen

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