Daybreak Bathe Themselves In ‘Acid Green’ On New Single

“There’s acid in the rain…”

Perth’s heaviest export, Daybreak, are still ripe with violent anger and pure rage, as evident from much of the approach on their latest release, the twisted ‘Acid Green‘. Yet the WA crew are slowly but surely maturing their sound, as ‘Acid Green‘ sees the young Australian mosh outfit graduating high-school and stepping out into the work-force, so to speak.

Recorded with engineer/producer Cody Brooks and mixed/mastered by everyone’s solid go-to audio-boy, Lance Prenc, the next chapter of Daybreak is upon us. And it’s pretty dang good! Better yet, unlike 2017’s ‘Death Dreams‘ EP, this isn’t just a “play-slow, play-low” slog-fest through breakdowns, generic mosh parts and beatdown riffs. There’s way more life in these hardcore bones now than originally once thought.

Scratching guitar lines evoke DJ turntables and melodic post-metal guitar layers explode the background of this new track. Thick and chugging bass work pulls you right under with beefy, metronomic drumming holding you down. And the indomitable screams of frontman Shaun Cox swallow you whole until the newly added clean vocals from bassist Liam Webster break through the track’s heavy fray. While I’m honestly not super keen on Webster’s cleans vocals here, I am really loving how this band are growing musically and injecting far more melody and dynamic moments into their song-writing. It shows that Daybreak can be so much more than what ‘Death Dreams‘ first showed us. So while this new track may be bleak, the future of Daybreak is fucking bright!

Of course, just as Daybreak’s music is as heavy as anything, so too is their lyrical content and this new single is no exception. ‘Acid Green‘ is about how the looming specter of anxiety and mental illness distorts our thoughts and reality unless we change ASAP. It’s a song that also marks a personal turning point in the life and adulthood of Shaun Cox. The Daybreak vocalist stated that ‘Acid Green‘ “…talks about a turning point at the start of my adult life”, saying:

I describe the emotions that were running through my mind at a time where I could visualize how my future would pan out if I didn’t change the fundamental values in my life. This experience caused me to grow and mature as a person, faster than anything had before which also accompanies the maturing in the sound of our music.

All of which gets a gruesome reflection in their latest music video too. Filmed by Crystal Arrow Films, the sickly yet fitting acid green color palette to the entire music video adds to the song’s unwell and uneasy feeling. So too does the video’s whole horror-movie-esque narrative and Blair Witch Project night-vision shots – kinda like your stuck using only the camera in an Outlast game.

Wash your insides with the heavy rain of ‘Acid Green‘ below:

Daybreak are launching this new track on Saturday, July 14th in Perth with guests Deadlights, Illyria and Owed to Damnation.

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