Tides Of Man Release Beautiful New Song, ‘Static Hymn’

Goddamnit, the new Tides Of Man single is bound to bring a tear or ten to your eyes. 

Following Tilian Pearson’s departure from Tides Of Man back in 2010, the progressive rock band became solely instrumental and took time off before crafting the emotive and detailed ‘Young and Courageous‘ in 2014. Four years on from that grand record, the Floridian act are twisting and contorting reinvented artistic lightning once again with their wonderful new song, ‘Static Hymn‘.

Taken from their forthcoming second instrumental album, ‘Every Nothing‘ (which will exit the void come August 3rd), their latest prog/post-rock epic is a soulful, layered composition. The first two and a half dreamy minutes all helps to lay down the solid brick work for the euphoric climax that’s to come. A finale that sees the four-piece rushing towards a grand instrumental flourish of cymbal crashes, heavy guitars and washy synths for the track’s mammoth closing crescendo; one hits like a fuckin’ freight train of sonic textures, all before droning, feedbacking amps usher in the end.

Director and edited by Stephen Mlinarcik, with paint handling done by Annina Mori and colors from Mikey Rossiter, the visualizer for ‘Static Hymn‘ is a gorgeous wash of colors. It’s a lush visual accompaniment that’s been perfectly synced up to the mesmerizing audio of the song itself.

Lose yourself in the sounds and sights of ‘Static Hymn‘ below:

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