Hail The Sun Offer Dual-Single Of ‘Mental Knife’ & ‘Suffocating Syndrome’

Sure, sex is great and all but have you ever heard the two new singles from Hail The Sun? [PC: Photo: Michael-Rex Carbonell, Warped Tour 2018].

Californian progressive post-hardcore stalwarts, Hail The Sun, put out two killer new singles recently and you need to hear them. First off is the self-inflicting personal wounds of the razor-sharp Mental Knife and secondly is the heavier-suited conversation with God that is Suffocating Syndrome.

Both of these fresh songs show that the four members of Hail The Sun – drummer/vocalist Donovan Melero (also of progressive rock supergroup Sianvar), guitarists Aric Garcia and Shane Gann, and bassist John Stirrat – have pushed their already impressive techy-melodic sound further. They’re walking a staggering tight rope between their intricate instrumentals, powerful song arrangements, dynamic riffs, driving percussion, and thundering rhythms. And it works so well. I mean, having a stellar vocalist who also plays the drums like a beast at the same time, backed up by some incredible guitar work? That’s a win in my books automatically!

The title track for ‘Mental Knife‘ directly addresses the wider mission statement of the band’s newest record, that being of self-destruction and self-pain, all set behind a wall of blazing guitar runs, visceral scream and soaring clean vocals. Here, Melero tackles his own near-constant need for self improvement and his obsession with making up for lost time in one way or another. As you might have guessed by the title of this song, it all stems from the idea of cutting out those aspects from your life that don’t at all contribute to a better existence – as shown in the seedy, crime scene video. A real purging, if you will. And that often makes for great art like this.

The second single, the heavier and blistering ‘Suffocating Syndrome‘, sees the expressive U.S. outfit trying to imagine what a conversation with a god would be like. All scored by a heavy yet soft ethereal rock soundscape that bolsters such a weighted spiritual and philosophical question. It’s a piece built around the idea of being consumed with making the most of every single day. And no lyric sums that up better than when Melero caustically screams “Living now instead of living for an afterlife” towards the end. Which is something I personally agree: live for the now, not for when you’re dead.

Hail The Sun’s new full-length album, also titled ‘Mental Knife‘, will beautifully scar all hearts and ears come September 28th via Equal Vision Records. The band actually worked with Beau Burchell for this release, best known for his role as a member of Saosin (he also did the new Taken EP too), and it’s clear that both the group’s and Burchell’s respective talents here have both improved over time. Hopefully creating an ambitious record in the process. And honestly, it’s one that I cannot wait to hear! (Oi, EVR, send me the album early, cheers).

Check out both ‘Mental Knife‘ and ‘Suffocating Syndrome‘ below:

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