Asking Siri’s Opinion On Australian Rock & Heavy Music

What does Siri think is the best Parkway Drive album? Does it think that ‘Dear Desolation’ is the greatest Thy Art Is Murder album? Is it all about Polaris’s debut LP, ‘The Mortal Coil’ or nah? Does Apple’s virtual assistant at all care for the music of Alpha Wolf, Frenzal Rhomb, and Pagan? Which is it’s fave Amity Affliction release? Well, I recently did the science by asking my phone’s Siri the hard questions so let’s get into the answers and my responses to them. 

Good album, yes, but not quite up there with Deep Blue & Horizons. Still a really solid pick though!

Yes, MFTRD absolutely is Prom Queen’s best! Siri knows what’s up in this case!

Lol, no it’s NOT. Everyone knows that it goes Youngbloods, then Chasing Ghosts & Severed Ties, & then Let The Ocean Take Me with This Could be Heartbreak in last place.

Decent album, but Word Up was the best Deez Nuts album thank you very much.

Good album, for sure, but Hate & Holy War are where it’s at!

Siri, you’re dogging old mate Crafter here. Cancer and Confession’s EP, forever.

You’re goddamn right it is! Man, I do really miss this band…

Ha! Jokes on you Siri, Polaris only have one album and it’s pretty damn cool.

Hmmm, maybe? Guess we have to wait and see how the new Aversions Crown album pans out later this year first.

I know that Break Even only have one album, but Siri is right. This album is so fucking special.

Yep, no contest here! Also, Carpathian reunion when?

Eh, it’s good, but ‘Smoko at the Pet Food Factory’ is the better record I’d argue.

No, wrong. Damnation and Blue are the greatest Nation Blue records.

Backed hard. Purge is such a great listen!

On the money with this one, you creepy ever-listening A.I. that’s built right into our phones. 

Abso-fucking-lutely! I also would’ve accepted New Bloom.

Trick question, OG only have one album so far but it’s FUCKING SICK!

Okay, so I tried this multiple times and only got songs/artists other than the actual Australian band Stories. Apple doesn’t care for the Void EP or for The Youth To Become it seems.

Solid album but come on, you’re only saying that cause it’s the latest album. We all know that it goes Discoveries/Singularity > Mesmer > their live album > Marcus’s cover of PVRIS’s Holy > a wet blanket > Node.

No respect for the Slowly Slowly lads. Shame. St Leonards is fucking brilliant.

Eh, yeah, I guess.

Aw man, no love for By A Thread.

Not bad, though I would’ve personally chosen Loveless.

Good song but Love & Other Drugs is still The Comfort’s best track.

Damn straight. Press Club’s debut LP rips front to back.

Hmmm, I’d argue Joy, Lavender, Limbo and Temperer were the stronger cuts. Still, not bad.


Banger! I also would’ve accepted Black Sun too.

Oh yeah, it sure is!

Welp, this is awkward. (I tried this a whole bunch of times, and it never once mentioned the Australian band Pagan. ‘Black Wash’ is fucking awesome though).

This whole album slays to be honest. I would’ve said Demon or Agony, but still a strong pick.

Great song. Lifelike and Anesthesia are also up there too!

Yes! Most certainly. Thank god you didn’t say White Noise…

Umm, what? ( I tried adding in “HC” at the end and it still wouldn’t do it. Crusin’ for a bruisn’ Siri). 

No, that’s not even close, what the hell?


Siri, are you fucking broken? Sin Will Find You > the rest of this band’s discography so far. 

Look, good album, same with Crooked Youth, but that first EP is where HVH were at their best.

Great record, We’ll Make It Through This is also a stellar release too.

What a tune! DVSR are so good.

Yep, not a bad record at all.

You’re goddamn right it is. So keen for new music from this band.

Wrong, this band has no good songs. Well, not yet anyway.

At least it didn’t pick Faceless…

Definitely is To The Sky! Interested to hear more from these guys. 

Correct! That Justin Johnson guest feature is wicked.

Strong record. Would’ve also gone with Neverbloom too.

Nice choice, great EP. I prefer The Liquid Sky though – what an immense album!

I just have two words for you: Last Lights.

Answer the damn question! First Temple for life.

Agreed! And just one more…

Yes! Hopefully ‘American Dream’ stacks up too. 


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    I’m not sure what my previous comment was, I’d had a few drinks haha

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