The Orphan Cover The Offspring’s ‘Bad Habit’

The Orphan offers their own heavy & noisy take on an Offspring classic.

1994 really was an awesome year for punk and rock music. You had Bad Religion’s best record ‘Stranger Than Fiction‘ (fight me); you had Weezer’s classic debut “Blue” album, Nine Inch Nails put out ‘The Downward Spiral‘; and you also had NOFX’s ‘Punk In Drublic‘, to name just a few releases. Yet inarguably one of the biggest records from that year was The Offspring’s breakthrough LP, ‘Smash‘, an album that pretty much made Epitaph Records what they were and are.

Now, I’m not even the biggest fan of The Offspring but even I know this is one of their best albums, with hits and fan-faves like ‘Come Out and Play‘, ‘Self Esteem‘, ‘Gotta Get Away‘ and ‘Nitro (Youth Energy)‘. Amongst this esteemed list is also the album’s third track, ‘Bad Habit‘. And it’s this track in question that Melbourne noise-makers The Orphan have recently given a lavish hardcore makeover of.

Out of all the songs the heavy Australian four-piece could’ve covered from that album, this was probably the most fitting song that would’ve worked within their own loud n’ dirty hardcore sound. Is it a little bit comical to hear the lyrics “Cause the slightest thing and I just might snap/When I go driving I stay in my lane” growled vocally? Absolutely! Doe the harsh and filthy guitar riffs and wailing feedback sound fucking sick in context of The Orphan’s sound and the cover? Oh, you betcha! And would The Offspring themselves be proud? Hmmm, I doubt it, but what the hell would they know?

Back in December 2017, The Orphan also released a little “Christmas present” with their spot-on cover of Blink-182’sBuilt This Pool‘. So, if this trend is anything to go off, then maybe the Aussie band have some form of covers release coming out soon. (I for one wouldn’t say no to it). That, or it’s just boredom and the group merely wanting to cover a song that they jam out in the rehearsal space.

Check out The Orphan’s rendition of ‘Bad Habit‘ below. Just no one tell Dexter.

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  1. Firey259 Firey

    Its like, its not bad, but I think they could have made it a tad better….and thats a compliment to them, I see potential.

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