Hindsight Bloom Deeper On New Song & Video, ‘The Frozone Layer’

Loveover‘ finally meets its match on Hindsight’s new song, ‘The Frozone Layer’.

Adelaide’s Hindsight have come such a long way since their first demo back in 2013, and their joyous new single ‘The Frozone Layer‘ is indicative of their wonderful growth as a band.

Like warm waves of moody purple strobes, this relaxed and lovely new track is pure bliss from front to back. ‘The Frozone Layer‘ is a call for us all to live in the moment and to just chill out a bit; whether things are shitty, up in the air, or all going swimmingly. Playing into this idea is a cute vocal “wooo” in the second verse, which is a goddamn charming little part too. For real, just try not to smile from ear to ear while listening to this new song. I double dog dare you, motherfucker.

While ‘The Frozone Layer‘ is, for the most part, instrumentally and tonally lighter and brighter than what this great local act normally offers, Jack Nelligan’s raw screams and throaty vocals fit right into this newish sonic mould terrifically so. All merging with the soothing clean vocals of guitarist Lewis Tito in superb fashion too. And, as you’ll see in the song’s darker second half, the overall atmosphere here is just as inviting as any of their other tracks are, if not more so.

The Crystal Arrow Films shot music video sees the South Australian five-piece cruising out on a little party boat with their “Skipper Adrian”; all smiles as they barely take themselves seriously but also clearly having a lotta fun with it too. This clip also seems to be a real indictment for drummer Nicholas Moran’s love of alcohol. I just love the shots of him air-drumming with two empty bottles, to even placing a (presumedly recently) downed bottle right onto his hi-hat stand at the 0:30 mark.

Dive into the icy waters of ‘The Frozone Layer‘ and give some real love to one of Australia’s best melodic hardcore bands!

Also, this is easily the best still from the song’s music video, cheers.

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