Crossfaith Release Heaviest Song To Date, ‘The Perfect Nightmare’

Holy crap, Crossfaith actually released a genuinely good song. 

Japan’s Crossfaith have always been about their giant choruses and their synthy rave-metal sounds; aiming for a kind of “sci-fi” style in both sonics and overall aesthetic. Over the past decade of their career, it’s been a serviceable enough approach, even if their various EP’s don’t have as much staying power as their full-length records do beyond the odd song or two.

However, I’ve lately been instilled with greater (cross) faith in what this Osaka group have coming next with new single, the pure savage of ‘The Perfect Nightmare‘. Heavy jagged metalcore riffs lead the way, thunderous double kicks and blast beats fire off, and a stronger focus on Kenta Koie’s surging screams reign supreme here; all with their classic electronica sounds tinged over the top of the ensuing metal chaos. While it’s nothing that new for the band, this hectic piece sees Crossfaith simply pushing their music to a further extreme with so much more energy. And that’s made for some powerful end results.

Of course, ‘The Perfect Nightmare‘ probably won’t be the heaviest song you’ll hear in 2018, but by the standards of their past material, this is the band at their most deadly. Personally, this is also one of the rare times where a Crossfaith song has actually engaged me all the way through, to the point where I’m coming back for leisurely repeat listens. Seriously, that wicked breakdown between 2:28 and 2:47 might just be the best (and heaviest) section the band has ever written!

This blistering track is taken from the Japanese quintet’s upcoming LP, which they’re planning to reveal in due time. But before all of that drops, though, check out the slick, strange and slightly off-putting 3D visuals for ‘The Perfect Nightmare‘ below:

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