Capital Enemy’s Jason Rowe On His Five Favourite Underground Bands

Vocalist for Melbourne heavy hardcore act Capital Enemy, Jason Rowe, has a lot of love and passion for the local and international heavy music scenes. Hardcore, metalcore, beatdown, slam, deathcore – it doesn’t really matter to him, so long as it’s heavy, solid and true. While his own band will be releasing their debut LP this August, the Capital Enemy leader wanted to share the love about some of his fave underground bands with us, and we were more than happy to oblige. 

Cold Ground

Cold Ground are a perfect bridge to introduce more of a mainstream market to the Australian hardcore scene. Their album “Destroy The Illusion Of Peace” dropped earlier in the year and has really left its mark on me. From the ‘throw your arms around your mates’ chanting choruses, to their heavy as fuck Madball style versus, Cold Ground is a perfect example of a band spreading a valid message without being too distorted on the ears. Seriously worth checking out!


Young dudes from Melbourne doing crossover style metal with a really cool old school hardcore influence; this band really gets you on your feet. From what I can tell, Overpower has been tracking their debut release, and after the many times I’ve seen them play, to say I’m keen to hear the end product is an understatement! Really looking forward to seeing these guys put themselves on the map. It’s great to see a band doing something new and fresh.

Outsiders Code

I’ve always loved this band. From their first demo to their last release ‘Exiled From Birth’, these are some of the grooviest, yet toughest riffs you might ever hear from a band of this style. Outsiders Code actually dropped a few tracks only recently entitled ‘Trust To Dust’ via Resist Records, and it’s a banger. It’s good to see these guys back in action once again!

Crowned Kings

Not only do I actually play in this band, but the real reason why I’m mentioning them here is, because, for years prior, Crowned Kings was my favourite Melbourne band which made it twice as amazing to be asked to be a part of it. From ‘Forked Road’ to our most recent release ‘Sea Of Misery’, Crowned Kings really sticks to old school metal and hardcore roots and has never changed. And that’s what I love about the music we play. For fans of Hatebreed, Slayer, Pantera and Terror, in my opinion, our new record really speaks for itself.


My boys from Vienna, Austria! I can safely say, you will never meet such a nice group of dudes that play the most punishing music. I’ve been pumping their most recent release ‘Unbroken’ ever since it’s release. Our label, 1054 Records picked these guys up and distributed their record over here in Australia, and I’m stoked about it. These guys deserve to be paid attention too. There’s a lot of bands who whip up a few songs that everyone’s basically heard before and call it a hardcore record. But these guys are doing it their own way, and absolutely nailing it. Check these guys out, and let’s bring them out to Australia!

‘Graves Of The Grey’, the first cut from Capital Enemy’s debut album is out now – check it out below. ‘Knowledge Of The Wicked’ drops via 1054 Records on August 24th.

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