Hyro The Hero Is Back & He’s Spitting Fire On New Single, ‘Bullet’

Hyro The Hero; still insane in the motherfuckin’ membrane. 

Hey, do you remember when Hyro The Hero was called Hyro Da Hero and he had sick songs like ‘Ghetto Ambiance‘ and musically-excited tunes such as ‘Sleeping Giants‘? Yeah, me too. Back six or seven years ago when he was making waves with his solid debut, ‘Birth, School, Work. Death‘, and when he oddly opened up for Deftones‘ Australian tour in 2013 too.

Despite going quite for some time earlier this decade, during the winter of 2016, Hyro entered the recording studio with producer Marc Jordan to work on some new material. Material that will see the light of day this year under the title, ‘Flagged Channel‘, which drops later this month on June 29th.

Real name Hyron Fenton, the hip-hop lover and rapping punk-hardcore enthusiast is thankfully no longer MIA. Getting back-in-action with his fiery new track, ‘Bullet‘, Hyro goes straight for the temple, a return that’s bolstered by seething rage at the state of America lately with lyrics about police brutality, gun violence and minorities being viewed and treated like second class. ‘Bullet‘ sees him dropping heavily spat bars about these very social injustices over big grooves and bigger guitars; all aided by a huge Rage Against The Machine influence too.

It’s a short but bouncy track; invading your brain quick-smart, says all it needs to say, and then splits. And boy, compared with The Fever 333’s recent attempt at tackling America’s issues with gun control, ‘Trigger‘, Hyro is leaving Jason Butler and co. for dead.

Bite the bullet below:

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