Wreath Come Out Kicking & Screaming With ‘Revolutionary Suicide

Legions are dead, long live Wreath. 

Across history, there’s been a number of widely infamous suicide cults and doomsday religious sects. From Uganda’s Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God; to the purple shrouds of Heaven’s Gate; and of course, to the largest massacre of them all, the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, AKA “Jonestown”.

This idea of manipulation is the death-dealing currency that Wreath’s debut single, the grinding and scathing ‘Revolutionary Suicide‘, works within: people being misguided into taking their own lives to uphold mentally fractured belief systems. Coming from the ashes of Sydney hardcore act, Legions, the group’s first song under their new moniker is accompanied by a grainy film clip showing montages from some of the world’s most nefarious cults of the 20th century. (You can watch the full video here).

Made up of Elliott Gallart, Brandon Chan, Josh Clayton, Chris Downey and Zach ParkerWreath pulls together aggressive, heavy hardcore with death metal and black metal sensibilities; from savage blast beats, churning riffs, subtle melodic guitars, and indomitable vocal deliveries. All bequeathing Wreath with a hefty sonic vehicle to lyrically explore cultish doctrines and the desperate mindsets of their brain-washed followers across two punishing minutes.

Tracked and engineered by Gallart and produced by Downey, the bleak-as-hell ‘Revolutionary Suicide‘ dropped via the band’s new co-op, the Funerary Cult label. For those unaware, and in keeping with this new song’s theme, a funerary cult is a religious teaching centred around the veneration of the dead, with the living thinking they can attain knowledge or benefits from the deceased through the process of dying. (Idiotic, I know, but sad all the same). Through this new venture and through the backing of Funerary Cult, the heavy-hitting local group teased their debut song under this new moniker with an eerie VHS video last week, now revealed to be apart of their crushing debut track’s ominous music video.

So while Legions body has now been lowered down into its grave, this Australian five-piece have rebranded themselves as something heavier and something fiercer. And on their very first outing, Wreath make good on that.

Pay attention – just don’t drink their Kool-Aid.

Wreath will be performing at Sydney’s Factory Floor on Friday, 15th June, alongside I Exist, Mental Cavity, Empress and Potion. Details here!

Full disclosure: Josh Clayton has written for KYS in the past. 

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