‘A Place, A Space, A Symphony’: Tired Eyes Drop Stunning Debut Single

Tired Eyes are fucking golden!

I’ve lost count of the amount times in my life where after a lengthy low period or following a handful of shitty days I’ve just wanted to fall asleep and never wake up again. Just that thought of eternal rest when you’re so tired and utterly drained – more or less sitting at the bottom of a deep dark pit looking up at a distant clear blue sky – can seem appealing when you’re stuck in such a rut. I’ve personally felt that way many times, and if I had to take a guess, you reading this have probably felt that way too at various points in your own time on this floating rock we call Earth.

The hard part is always finding ways to channel that negativity into something positive, though whatever that eventual thing might be is kinda irrelevant, as it can differ from person to person. That idea of wanting to throw in the towel and submit to defeat, yet pushing on and positively channelling that personal hell elsewhere is what exists at the raw and emotive core of ‘A Place, A Space, A Symphony‘; the expressive and melodically-driven debut single from Brisbane’s Tired Eyes.

The guitarist and vocalist for “aggressive” alternative rockers Tired Eyes – main man Joey Keating – has previously said that this new single “…was written in a dark time where I couldn’t see a lot of hope or promise for the future. I was always tired and hurting – most days I just felt numb and was searching to feel anything at all. The song is a plead for relief and rest – in the midst of a revolving door of complacency.” And that really shows in the overall tone of this new song’s defeated lyricism and in Keating’s gripping vocal performance too.

I’m not sure if it was the actual intent, but to me, ‘A Place, A Space, A Symphony‘ seems to be a three-step growth process of sorts. From being stuck down in a shitty “place”; finding your own “space” to leave it all behind or at very least finding the mental/emotional space to be aware of where you’re at currently; to then finally craft from that pain something positive – in this case, a “symphony”. For that’s what this brilliant new piece from Tired Eyes is: a powerful, riff-heavy symphony to the self and to getting better. Even if it all takes a little time.

Furthering this song’s whole idea of forging onwards when times are difficult is the band’s upcoming debut EP – ‘In Denial, Force a Smile‘, which lands on Friday, June 29th.

Now, if you read KYS frequently (thank you if you do, as always) then you’ll know that I don’t at all care for performance-based music videos – not in the fucking slightest nine times out of ten. Though in the case of Tired Eyes, I can let it slide, especially as the Nick Hargans-directed clip is a sort of introductory piece to each member’s respective role within the band. From Jesse Kampkes‘ punchy bass lines; brother Judah Kampkes‘ subtle but well-layered keys and atmospheric parts come the track’s finale; those tight and rock steady beats from drummer Samuel Peacock; to a truly dynamic vocal delivery from the aforementioned Keating – all as he lowers his register down to growl and roar heartfeltly, to singing soulfully and cleanly (in a very Patrick Stump manner). So you’d best believe that ‘A Place, A Space, A Symphony‘ is a terrific first entrance for this upstart Aussie four-piece!

Please check it all out below:

Catch Tired Eyes supporting Vitals on Friday, June 9th, at Fat Louie’s in Brisbane – 18+, free entry. 

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