Death Grips Release First Song From New Album, ‘Streaky’

Get noided with a brand new Death Grips single.

The last time we had properly fresh Death Grips was back in 2016 with the band’s last record, ‘Bottomless Pit‘. It was an imperfect yet still enjoyable record that saw the trio of frontman MC Ride, drummer Zach Hill and sampler Andy Morin clashing their metal, experimental, hip-hop, and rap elements together harder than ever before.

Now, this cultish experimental/industrial-tinged hip-hop & rap act are known far and wide for their harshness, their abrasiveness, their weirdness and what would many would simply label their general musical inaccessibility. However, the trio’s latest tune ‘Streaky‘ is by far one of the most “casual” tracks that they’ve produced and put out into the world; featuring more hooks and catchier qualities that are closer in line with their material from 2012’s solid debut LP, ‘The Money Store‘, than anything else.

Tack eight from new album ‘Year Of The Snitch‘, which is set to drop sometime later this year, ‘Streaky‘ has much lesser chaotic instrumentals than usual, basically, zero noise parts, pretty chill in terms of dynamics and tones, and also shows none of Ride’s trademark yelling. This is easily the calmest and most accessible Death Grips have been on their main studio outings in a long time. And look, it’s s’not bad. It’s definitely not my favourite DG song by any stretch of the human imagination, but it’s something new and it’ll keep me somewhat invested until ‘Year Of The Snitch‘ finally lands later in 2018.

The group were/have been supposedly working on this forthcoming album with Andrew Adamson (director of Shrek 1 & 2no for real) as well as face-shredding Aussie noise artist, Lucas Abela AKA Justice Yeldman (not the first time Death Grips have collaborated with that homegrown nutter). So either way, expect their sixth full-length overall to be pretty crazy in some form or another.

Anyway, give ‘Streaky‘ a listen or two below and also be sure to suss out their upcoming album’s inane tracklisting teaser over here.

Also, if you’re itching for more Death Grips related content, then watch this mash-up of ‘The Fever (Aye Aye)‘ and one of the getaway scenes from last year’s Baby Driver that some absolute legend out there made. It’s fucking rad! 

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