Bane’s Aaron Bedard Launches New Band – Antagonize

Ex-Bane frontman, Aaron Bedard, has cobbled together a new band of merry hardcore men for a new project called Antagonize.

If you’re still feeling heavy and low from Bane’s final outing, 2014’s ‘Don’t Wait Up‘, and the long gap between now and whenever that supposed documentary regarding their final ever show drops, then there’s some good news for you yet: vocalist Aaron Bedard has moved onto a new band, Antagonize.

As far as I know, this is the first new batch of music to come from a member of Bane following the disbandment of the veteran hardcore act back in mid-2016. (Also, just so you know, the vocalist also runs a coffee business as well).

But what does this new collective sound like on their first demo? Well, it just sounds more or less like Bane once did, truth be told. From that more vintage thrashy old-school sound, fast punk rock drumming, chunky guitar riffs, usual distorted hardcore chord progressions, short song lengths, to Bedard’s all-too-familiar shouts and gravely yells leading the foreground; it’s basically what you’d expect from a new band featuring the Bane frontman. Excluding that old band’s more melodic side and tendencies, this is just Bane 2.0 for the most part.

Stream Antagonize’s new five-track demo below. Hopefully, more comes from this group in the future and fingers crossed we finally see that Bane doco come out sooner than later!

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