Conform Fly High With New Single, ‘Blood Eagle’

Conform just levelled up; see what they dropped their skill points on with ‘Blood Eagle’.

One of the most brutal moments from the brilliant but sorely underrated historical drama show, Vikings, is the six-minute Blood Eagle ritual scene from season two. In which protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok (played by the always handsome Travis Fimmel), commits this violent and horrendous act on up-to-that-point, central antagonist Jarl Borg.

Like, yeah, Borg was an utter bastard in the series but even he didn’t deserve this kind of fucked-up treatment; an act that echoed the ugly lengths that Ragnar would go to in his desire for conquest and control that the series would later focus on afterwards.

For those unaware of what a blood eagle sacrifice is, the poor offending bugger that’s subjected to this cruel practice gets down on their knees, has their back opened up with blades, via sharp tools their ribs are chopped away from the spine, and their lungs are pulled out from the wound and laid upon the shoulders as to resemble the folded wings of a great eagle. Then the unlucky soul must stay like that until death takes them. In the TV show, there’s the belief that if they (somehow) suffer in silence, they may enter the coveted world of Valhalla. But if they scream from the inhumane torture inflicted upon them, they can never enter said heavenly realm. Cheery shit, truly.

While it’s debated whether this Blood Eagle ritual was actually real or just some literary invention for folklore is unclear. What is clear though is that A) it’s a pretty cool name for a song and B) both the blood eagle idea and the grand show that is Vikings has a lot to pull from for artistic inspiration. And as it turns out, Perth’s [ Conform  (or simply Conform if you can’t be arsed with the extra effort) are also very big fans of the show, what with their newly released single, ‘Blood Eagle‘.

Speaking of the track’s deeper meaning in a joint statement, Conform confirmed the Vikings influence (the lyric “Blue eyed devil wolf by the Far West Door” was a dead give away) and how it impacted the religious and biblical connotations of their equally dark and aggressive new track, saying:

“Although Blood Eagle is wide open for personal interpretation and littered with jabs at various things we despise, the roots of the single’s initial theme stems from our love of the show “Vikings”. We noticed how the main character becomes increasingly frustrated with being stranded in one location and related that to our own frustrations and the excuses we make for not progressing forward in our own lives. Lying to ourselves to remain comfortable.”

If you’ve never heard of this Perth group before, just know that they ‘re one of the many nu-metal/hardcore bands cropping up of late, but ‘Blood Eagle‘ marks a significant rise in quality for Conform overall. Their nu-metal sensibilities hit hard and heavy on ‘Blood Eagle‘ – from the song’s overall flow, the vocal phrasing, the downtrodden but violent lyrics that take aim at the self, those creepy but classic nu-metal-like licks, the tight drum grooves and the bouncy guitar riffs. And so to do the band’s heavier metalcore elements on offer, as well as Conform striking a more dynamic songwriting balance here – the rise and fall structure, the use of clean vocals – that’s all actually engaging to listen to.

Look, compared with what these guys were offering up on 2016’s ‘Vol I: Cigarette Lullaby‘ EP, this is a real step up on all accounts!

In light of this new track’s release, the WA outfit also announced their debut album ‘Circa 94‘ – which is a fitting title for a band such as them given the huge amounts of influence they draw from ’90s nu-metal and hardcore – will drop on Friday, May 18th.

But for now, suss out the heights of ‘Blood Eagle‘ below:

Catch Conform on the following May tour dates around their new album’s release: 

Saturday, May 19 – Perth, WA – Amplifier Bar – Perth Album Launch w/ The Gloom in the Corner, Worlds Apart and Bitter Taste

Friday, May 25 – Melbourne, VIC – Wrangler (AA) w/ She Cries Wolf, The Gloom in the Corner, The Colour Clear (Debut Show)

Saturday, May 26 – Melbourne, VIC – Bang 18+ w/ I, Valiance, She Cries Wolf, The Gloom in the Corner

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