Premiere: ‘Forrest’, The Debut Single From Sum Of Us

Ladies & gentlemen, introducing Sum Of Us. 

Made up of five Brisbane musicians from three quality Brisbane acts – go-happy funk lords Osaka Punch, progressive masters Kodiak Empire and alternative prog-rockers Red In Tooth – Sum Of Us is a new project where everything just clicked from their very first jam session together. With a lineup featuring guitarists Jamie Swanson and Jeremy Field, bassist Jasper Webb (Red In Tooth), Bryce Carleton on vocals (Kodiak Empire), as well as drummer Dane Pulvirenti (Osaka Punch), I don’t think there’s any doubt of the sheer talent on offer here.

And as their name suggests, Sum Of Us is the summed up musical parts of their collective strengths; the grandness and instrumental flairs of Kodiak Empire, the grooves, flow and rhythmic quirks of Osaka Punch, and the riffs and emotion from Red In Tooth. Which is the melting-pot you get with Sum Of Us finally unveiling the very first sounds they crafted together – the dynamic ‘Forrest‘. For the skilful track uses its four and a half minute run time to show off each individual’s talents; from Pulvirenti’s rock-solid drumming behind the kit, Carleton’s character-filled clean vocals that soar high, Webb’s thick six-string bass work, to the sharp tones and hulking riffs between Swanson and Field. 

In a presser, Carleton said of the new song that, “Forrest was written as a means to illustrate the feeling of sitting on the edge of reality; slipping off and attempting to claw your way back to the state of mind you were in prior to that moment. Along the way it touches on the subjects of staying present in mind, while realising personal change is the beauty of evolution and something to be embraced; not feared.”

This first introduction to the sound of Sum Of Us heralds in the band’s upcoming debut EP, entitled ‘Sharp Turns in Dark Tunnels‘, which is due out later this year. For now, though, check out a full video playthrough of ‘Forrest‘ below:

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