Windwaker Drop Fierce & Fresh Tune, ‘New Infinite’

Windwaker will take over in 2018. 

A few months back, Windwaker vocalist Will King sent me the first mix of what would now become their newly released single, ‘New Infinite‘. The first thing that struck me about it was the sheer step up in quality in the mixing and the production departments. On their 2017 debut EP, ‘Fade‘, while I enjoy much of what engineer and producer Sonny Truelove does, on that particular release everything felt like it had been put into a box sonically. Which really took the wind of out of Windwaker’s sails.

Yet here on ‘New Infinite‘, it’s the exact opposite thankfully. As it truly feels like that once closed lid over their mix has now been thrown off and real life has been breathed into their melodic metalcore sound.

One of the Melbourne group’s finest pieces yet alongside ‘Castaway‘ and ‘The Destroyer‘, ‘New Infinite‘ encapsulates everything that Windwaker do well. It has all of their layered instrumentals, sky-high melodies, King’s soaring clean vocals, solid use of spacey atmospherics, equally bouncy and djenty guitars (fellow new guitarist Jesse Crofts seems to have brought more to the table), an air-tight rhythm section, their heavier, harsher metal moments slamming through like a fucking freight train, and even a cheeky little Korn-like/nu-metal moment at 2:25. All with a new, well-edited and really flashy music video directed by Crystal Arrow Films (AKA Kieran Ellis-Jones) to give you something super nice to look at while this song crashes through your ears and the rest of your goddamn skull.

In a recent press release, King said of the creation of the band’s fresh-out-of-the-oven track that, “We remember that flow of creativity in the room during the recording of our debut EP ‘Fade’ with Sonny & Evan back in September 2016. It was as if this massive door had opened right up in front of us, bringing vibrant feelings and energy. The process felt surreal. Leaving the studio, we knew we wanted to achieve that independently.”

In going independent for this single and in doing it all on their own, Windwaker has definitely proven that they can hold their own, and ‘New Infinite‘ is all the stronger for it. For no one else was able to mess with the band’s process here, thus being a song solely written and produced by Windwaker themselves, newly added guitarist Liam Guinane offering some additional engineering (with the exception of recording the drums with Declan White), as well as being mixed and mastered by drummer Chris Lalic. All of these decisions – Lilac handling mixing and mastering duties especially – has done now the band’s sound a world of good!

These Wagga Wagga born and bred boys have come a long way since their inception, and with this solid taste of what’s to come next, it seems like they are more than ready for that next step.

Expect more from Windwaker to drop soon…

Catch Windwaker on these upcoming NSW dates this April:

Thursday, April 19 – Wagga Wagga, The Home Tavern

Friday, April 20 – Albury, The Albion Hotel

Saturday, April 21 – Sydney, The Burdekin Hotel ** Rumours Not Appearing

Sunday, April 22 – Central Coast (AA), ECP Studios ** Rumours Not Appearing

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