Premiere Stream: Tapestry’s New EP, ‘Ghost Of Me’

Come & give Tapestry’s powerful new EP, ‘Ghost Of Me’, an early listen before it drops tomorrow!

Hailing from Darwin, Northern Territory, Tapestry are of best new bands coming up through the ranks of the Australian heavy music scene right now, channelling emotional post-hardcore and dark melodic hardcore elements with massive soundscapes and beautiful cinematics. Sure, it’s not an original sonic mixture by any means but the NT outfit deliver it in a powerful fashion and make it highly palpable too!

This all comes to a head on the band’s solid new seven-track EP, ‘Ghost Of Me‘, which officially drops tomorrow. And look, I could go on and on just wax lyrical about a whole lotta things regarding this soon-to-drop EP, but I think we’ll save all that for an upcoming review. So I’m just let this strong new outing speak solely for itself.

Stream ‘Ghost Of Me‘ in full and be sure check out my new interview with vocalist Tom Devine-Harrison and drummer Benjamin Masters as well. All of that below:

Alex: The thing that excites me the most about Tapestry is the band coming from Darwin, as we just don’t really see a lot of bands coming from that area. Let alone getting the kind of attention that you guys have. As I live down in Victoria, what’s the heavy music scene like up there? How hard has it been for you guys to go beyond the Northern Territory and out to the rest of Australia with your music?

Ben: The scene up here isn’t huge but it’s super cool. Everyone knows and supports each other, it’s like a big family haha. It’s been really amazing to see it grow over the last few years. When I first started running shows, we had 80-100 kids turn up and now local shows are getting 200+ heads, which probably sounds average to most people down south but it’s been a really great growth for us as Darwin isn’t a huge place.  We’ve also seen a lot more national bands come up which has put our local bands in front of bigger audiences which has helped heaps! Being in Darwin is always going to be a bit of a disadvantage. We’re so far away and out of the normal tour cycle that it’s super tough financially to fly down for shows. We’ve always been aware of that though and have tried to make the best of our situation!

Alex: Also on the location of the band, and not to blow smoke too much, do you think that Tapestry could help give a leg up to other NT bands who need that one tour support slot or that one shout out to help get their music beyond Darwin and such?

Ben: We would honestly love to be that band that really puts Darwin on the map. There are a bunch of great bands up here that have been grinding for a while that really deserve some recognition, so if there’s any chance of us being able to help them, we would be stoked!

Alex: With the NT Music accolades you’ve won, the media attention received, the love, in general, you’ve been getting lately, and with that massive Polaris tour in April, how are you all feeling now that things are starting to fall into place for Tapestry?

Ben: It’s such an exciting time for us. I know I can speak for all the boys when I say we’re very thankful for the opportunities that have come through over the last 6 to 12 months. While not necessarily playing as Tapestry, we’ve all been playing in bands up here for 7+ years so to finally be given these chances is a dream come true for us. We can’t go without thanking our boys in Polaris for taking a chance on us and putting us on their tour, we will forever be grateful for this opportunity.

Alex: On ‘Ghost Of Me’, thematically, there’s a duality of who and what that “ghost” is – both the person that you used to be as well as the “ghost” of another person who has wronged or hurt you in the past. Am I on the money in that analysis and if not, what else would you elaborate on the tone and themes of this new EP?

Tom: You’re pretty much on the ball! The title “Ghost of Me” came after I had written and named all the songs. I guess we kind of looked at all the songs and realized that this person really haunts my life. Whilst I get straight to the point in our song called “Ghost”, the other songs still hold the same theme about this person leaving so much behind whether it be memories, hurt, doubt, I could go on but that sort of explains the metaphor behind Ghost of Me. But we came to the fact that this EP was about this person and this is what that person is to me. I also dive into struggles with my own demons and past struggles that had a lot of relation to this person leaving as well.

Alex: These seven songs seem to pull from a lot of experiences of failing relationships (romantic or otherwise), then trying to make amends and aiming to be stronger/better in one, way or another from that point onwards. So, did writing these songs help with that personal growth of moving forward or are they simply retrospective and now add to the emotional closure after the fact?

Tom: Writing these songs has made me realise a lot of my own problems and a lot of my own faults. I go through a lot of the songs blaming the other person but also dive further into blaming myself. Because honestly the problem was mostly mine and it took me a long time to get that. Dark Shade and Retrospect are perfect examples. Whilst thinking so long and hard about what someone else has done wrong to me, I realised what I had done wrong and what I have been doing wrong for a long time. I guess you could say these songs are more of a realisation and a longing to be better rather than closure or personal growth.

Alex: Likewise, was it difficult to pen these kinds of lyrics that not only seem to call out someone else but also yourself for your own actions and insecurities?

Tom: It was definitely hard being so personal because it’s not something I’ve done before. I don’t really let people in on things this deep. Before ‘Dark Shade’, no one really knew of the struggle I had going on related to this song. Retrospect I was always too embarrassed to tell people that after blaming someone else for so long, I was so at fault. So while it was hard admitting to these things and jotting them down, I’m glad I did.

Alex: With the cover of the new EP, there are either Japanese or Chinese characters written below the title ‘Ghost Of Me’. While I don’t speak or read any of another language other than English as I’m linguistic scum, is that the title merely translated over to another language or is it something else that encapsulates the EP in another light?

Ben: Yeah, it’s just the title translated to Japanese. No hidden meanings or exciting stuff about that one, unfortunately!

Alex: With the EP officially releasing tomorrow, what’s your one wish for it? That it’s heard by many, sells well, or that it simply resonates with as many people as possible?

Ben: I think our main goal with this ep was to write something that can really resonate with people on an emotional level. If someone is going through similar stuff, that it can help them get through whatever they are going through. This EP has already helped us get out of Darwin and that has always been a massive goal for us so we’re really excited to see where else it can take us.

‘Ghost Of Me’ drops tomorrow, March 30th and you can catch the band live on tour with Polaris in April.

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