Wraith Give Slipknot’s ‘(sic)’ A Deathcore Makeover

Sydney’s Wraith have recently given Slipknot’s ‘(sic)’ a deathcore makeover and it works.

When it comes to Slipknot covers, there have been a fair few of them over the years.

As much as I love Architects, that band’s ‘Wait and Bleed’ cover wasn’t all that good. CrazyEightyEight did a recently so-so cover of ‘Duality’, Immoralist brought to the modern day classic of ‘Psychosocial’ out into a brutal slam sound, and Smoke Signals did a rough if decent take of ‘My Plague’ – an underrated Slipknot cut, for sure. Similarly, Bleed From Within also tried their hand at ‘People=Shit’, and there were mixed results with that one. Then there was Bring Me The Horizon, who covered ‘Eyeless’ way back in their deathcore (read: lesser) days of ‘Count Your Blessings’ and pre Oli Sykes losing his voice. Periphery covered ‘The Heretic Anthem’ as a bonus B-side track to their killer second album ‘Periphery II’ and it was awesome, whereas Spite also tried their hand and it was pretty lacking, to say the least.

However, as for Slipknot’s(sic)’, the seminal opening track from The 9’s equally classic 1999 self-titled debut LP, there have been a couple of bands offering their own renditions of this fan-favourite track. From Anatomy Of The Void, Russian deathcore outfit Beyond, UK hardcore band, Counting Days to L.A. deathcore/death metal group, Goliath back in 2013 as part of that band’s own covers EP, ‘Modern Idols‘.

Similar to that latter group’s rather solid attempt at ‘(sic)’, Sydney metal newcomers Wraith have tried their own hand at ‘(sic)‘, and it’s easily one of the better covers I’ve heard of this particular track to date. These Aussie deathcore locals have taken an already aggro, violent and utterly vehement song – one that’s loved and then some – and then turned each of those factors way past 11 with tighter, nastier riffs, far heavier vocals, and a surprisingly fitting crystal clear production that accentuates all of the original song’s best qualities when put into this newer, more extreme sonic framework. And I say that as someone who has a very unhealthy obsession with Slipknot’s self-titled record too.

So check out Wraith’s ballsy cover of ‘(sic)‘ below, as well as a live video of the cover from the band’s Tasmanian weekender last month, filmed by Wolves in the Woodwork Visuals.

Wraith dropped their debut new six-track EP, ‘The Pale Hollow’ (whose artwork looks like some crazy Dark Souls-inspired shit) back in January – check it out over here.

You can also catch the band live on these following tour dates: 

March 24th – Enigma Bar, Adelaide – http://bit.ly/2GFfMv4
March 25th – Upload Fest, Melbourne –  http://bit.ly/2FBAn5y
April 6th – Factory Floor w/ Resist The Thought – http://bit.ly/2tXLtg

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