Parkway Drive Reveal Sixth Studio Album, ‘Reverence’

And there is a new taste of this next Parkway Drive album out too: ‘The Void’. 

Produced by longtime Parkway Drive sound engineer, George Hadjichristou, their new album ‘Reverence will be the next step in the Bryon bay band’s astronomical career; one that’s also bound to divide fans further between the new and old.

“Reverence represents the most honest and personal record we have ever created,” stated frontman Winston McCall, adding, “It has been born through pain, sacrifice, and conviction, with the ultimate goal of expanding not only what Parkway Drive stand for musically, but who we are as people. Thank you for listening.”

Reverence is set to be the most sonically adventurous and emotionally intense effort yet from the Aussie heavyweights yet. But we’ll find out if that PR-riddled statement reads true come its release date of Friday, May 4th (be with you) via Resist Records/Cooking Vinyl Australia.

While we’ve all heard the beastly ‘Wishing Wells‘ from a couple weeks back, their new single ‘The Void‘ is a little less “metal” and more on the stadium-sized rock anthem side of things for Parkway’s current era. What with its mid-tempo stomping rhythms, McCall’s half-spoken/half-sung vocals, his angry growls, thrashy riffs, hooky leads, an internal lyrical theme about the many inner struggles within one’s own mind, and those usual towering choruses that pyro is sure to erupt too when the band perform them live.

And I’m honestly not sure if I actually like it yet, despite having given it a fair few spins already. Although I am all about the slick and really well-shot music video for ‘The Void‘ (directed by Allan Hardy), with those awesome camera movements, cool set, and seamless post-editing making it all an engaging watch. Check it out below:


1. Wishing Wells
2. Prey
3. Absolute Power
4. Cemetery Bloom
5. The Void
6. I Hope You Rot
7. Shadow Boxing
8. In Blood
9. Chronos
10. The Colour Of Leaving

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