Knaaves Take No Prisoners On Their New Two-Track Release

Make sure you’re putting Knaaves on your one’s to watch list.

Knaaves’ introduction to the musical world came back in February with their violent and blood-thirsty new two-track offering, ‘January‘ and ‘Nine Lives Lost‘.

This groovy and pissed-off pair do not take any prisoners at all and are both these massive slabs of metallic hardcore and discordant metalcore. Both songs were captured and cut down to tape at Howl Street Studios by Shane Hochstetler (Northless, Aseethe, Enabler) and were then mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Every Time I Die, and Mastodon). It’s very short – obviously, it’s only two bloody songs – but it’s a solid first outing for the group, and honestly, simply labelling Knaaves‘ music as just ‘heavy’ feels like a disservice to how hostile their sound is.

The Milwaukee local outfit were recently joined by former Enabler bass player, Amanda Daniels, who brings with her some killer, chugging bass work to the table. Daniels left her prior band following awful allegations of sexual and physical abuse against her former bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Jeff Lohrber. (For real, fuck that dude, he’ll hopefully get what he deserves). Out of that very shitty situation and now supported by vocalist Andy Parmann, guitarist Jamie Kerwin and drummer Antonio Ninham here, both Daniels and Knaaves are in a prime position to really grab people’s attention and fully take over.

It all starts here, folks.

Be sure to check out Knaaves‘ two-track release below if you know what’s good for ya:

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