Tapestry Announce New EP, ‘Ghost Of Me’

Northern Territory, represent. 

There aren’t many heavy bands that call the Northern Territory their home, not least ones that get the kind of attention that newcomers Tapestry have lately.

Tapestry are a young band in the grand scheme of things but they’ve been turning heads and smashing goals ever since their impassioned and deeply personal 2017 single, ‘Dark Shade‘, first dropped. And that attention is only going to grow with the band now replacing Alpha Wolf on Polaris’s upcoming Australian tour and with the announcement of their upcoming ‘Ghost Of Me‘ EP, which drops on Friday, March 30th.

Obviously, the NT band are over the fucking moon to release this new EP, with vocalist Tom Devine-Harrison expressing their enthusiasm as such: “This is the release we have been itching to release for quite some time now. We took our time crafting it and making sure it was exactly what we wanted to put out into the world before showing it to everyone, but now it’s finished, we can’t wait to get it out there and show everyone on this tour what we’ve been keeping under wraps. We are so stoked for what the rest of 2018 brings.

On the band’s newest single, ‘Ghost‘, Tapesty paint an emotive picture of being haunted by one who brought only pain into your life, long after that connection has been cut-off, all set to a backdrop of massive melodic hardcore/post-hardcore soundscapes. Check it out below:

Catch Tapestry opening for Polaris in April on these following dates: 

Thursday 12th April – Perth, WA – 18+
Amplifier Bar (Ambleside not appearing) – SOLD OUT

Friday 13th April – Brisbane, QLD – LIC/AA
The Triffid – SOLD OUT

Saturday 14th April – Sydney, NSW – LIC/AA
Factory Theatre – SOLD OUT

Wednesday 18th April – Melbourne, VIC – 18+
Corner Hotel

Thursday 19th April – Adelaide, SA – LIC/AA
Fowlers Live

Friday 20th April – Melbourne, VIC – AA
Arrow on Swanston

Saturday 21st April – Melbourne, VIC – 18+
Corner Hotel – SOLD OUT

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