The Armed Team Up With Tommy Wiseau For ‘Role Models’ Music Video

“You’re tearing me apart, Armed!” (I didn’t make that quote up. Tommy actually says this in the video). 

Working again with director Tony Wolski, The Armed recently dropped a new music video for their harsh, noisy and upliftingly chaotic piece, ‘Role Models‘, which premiered on Adult Swim’s Toonami segment this past Saturday night. Yet for the Detroit experimental-hardcore band’s latest trick, they decided to bring in the star of The Room himself – Mr Tommy Wiseau – to feature in this new film clip.

No, I’m not kidding. 2018 really has reached a new level of fever dream; this is without a doubt the strangest timeline.

Rolo Model [sic] by The Armed. Yes, it is. Watch it, listen – learn” states Tommy Wiseau to the camera as he sits by a tape machine listening and reacting to the band’s newest slab of musical insanity. All the while he’s wearing his go-to black sunglasses, dressed up in batting gloves and some kind of hairy swamp-monster-suit, mouthing along to it all like the goofy guy that he most certainly is.

Based off some of the song’s lyrics (“Why can’t they accept that you’re living alone?/Because they don’t understand that you’re waging a war/And you can’t understand why they’re not on your side/But you can’t break your stride“), I can’t help but feel that this song was written with the tall, dark and lovingly happy odd-ball in mind. And if not – which is most likely – Wiseau was a weirdly perfect ambassador for this new film clip.

As someone who experienced the fucking abysmal “movie” that is The Room years ago and as someone who went to the Melbourne premiere of James Franco’s hilarious, endearing and stellar The Disaster Artist last December – to also witness a live Q&A with Greg Sestero AKA Mark – I’m still very much  swept up in the Wiseau mania of late. So I’m personally more than okay with this kind of gimmicky video being a real thing that actually exists. And you’d best believe that I’ll be seeing Best F(r)iends soon enough!

Let your curiosity get the better of you and check out ‘Role Models‘ below:

The Armed’s hotly-anticipated LP, ‘Only Love’, drops on April 27th via No Rest Until Ruin and Throatruiner Records. Check out the album’s first single, ‘Witness’, right here

And hey, if you want even more Wiseau in your life, then watch him try to play Dark Souls over here

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