Foxblood Undergo Lineup Change, Unveil New Single ‘Never Rome’

New member, new song, an upcoming show, a slightly newish sound; whole lotta shit’s happening in the Foxblood camp lately.

2018 might be the year of the Earth Dog, but it’s also already been a big year of change and growth for Melbourne locals, our beloved Foxblood.

The anthemic and explosive Aussie post-hardcore group have now parted ways with vocalist/lyricist Chris Millward (who will actually still aide the band behind the scenes with writing, vision and production), as well as bassist Steven Powell exiting the band. From this key shift in the band comes Tom Beale now stepping up to the plate to fill out the shoes as the band’s new vocalist as well as their newest member Anthony Syle coming in on bass and clean vocals, with both being heard on the band’s fresh new track, ‘Never Rome‘.

This new single was recorded by the band’s own Aaron Beale, Lance Prenc & Nick Ross, mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell and produced by both the brothers Beale. With people like Prenc, Ross and Savell capturing the band’s massive vision, with Jon Gering providing the song’s samples, this is easily Foxblood’s slickest, most polished track yet in terms of sonics and production. However, while it does do away with the grittiness and dense layers of their stellar debut record, 2016’s ‘The Devil, The Dark, & The Rain‘, it still retains their beautifully poetic, depressive lyrics, gargantuan choruses and well-written dynamic vocal lines; just now with tighter instrumental qualities behind them all. It’s definitely the next natural progression from the sound they opted for on their towering 2017 single, ‘Bittersweet‘.

With all of this news coming, in a statement to Facebook, Foxblood said that: “Musically the future for Foxblood has always been clear to us and as sad as the absence of Chris and Steven is, our progression is well on track and we believe that the transformation we are entering in to will be one of our best and most exciting.” And honestly, while I do have a lot of love for this band, ‘Never Rome‘ did take me some time to warm up to it. But after giving it more attention and some deeper thought, I feel that Foxblood’s future is not only safe and sound but more than promising too.

Stream ‘Never Rome‘ below:

‘Never Rome’ is out now. Catch Foxblood performing this it live at the single’s launch show on Thursday, March 8th at The Workers ClubTickets right over here:

2 Responses to “Foxblood Undergo Lineup Change, Unveil New Single ‘Never Rome’”

  1. hendo666

    Love this new track!

    It’s so challenging for a band losing the singer, it doesn’t work often ( yeah Northlane, I’m thinking about you)
    This still retains so many elements of the last album. Top job, these guys deserve more acclaim

  2. chris_m_55

    I’ve listened to TDTDATR and bittersweet so much that these cleans will take some getting used to. But those lyrics are as good as ever!

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