Underoath Announce New Album, ‘Erase Me’

It’s actually happening: A new Underoath record is coming in 2018! 

Christmas has come early (or late, as it’s still only February now) with Underoath today revealing the details of their long-awaited new record, ‘Erase Me‘ – their first album in eight years and their first release since 2008’s mighty ‘Lost In The Sound Of Separation‘ to feature drummer/singer Aaron Gillespie as a member of the esteemed Tampa heavy group.

Despite the various online leaks so far this week about the revered Florida band’s new album announcement, that has only further built the level of hype for this news – news of which fans and even the band themselves would have never thought possible even a year or two ago. Ever since the band reunited back in late 2015 and announced a string of reunion celebratory tours in 2016 and 2017 (including a killer tour here in Australia), many, many people have been hoping out for new Underoath material and now there’s one key date look forward to and circle on the calendar – Friday, April 6th, when the album drops via Fearless Record/Caroline Australia.

“We’ve had success and we’ve come through a lot of waters,” explained Gillespie in a recent press statement, adding that the six-piece are doing this new album as honest as they can and that they’re now in their healthiest position yet as a band. “There’s been 11,000 things we’ve been through so you would think, almost rhetorically, ‘What do you need now?’ All of us are finally in that place in our lives where the only thing we care about is inclusion for everybody—for the world. For me, exclusion is the scariest thing in the world. And I think Underoath coming back now with a new record—which none of us thought was possible—we want people to know that this is your music and you can feel however the fuck you want about it. I just want to prove that we are doing everything in the most honest way we ever have. This is the healthiest we’ve ever been as a group of people, as musicians, and in our worldview.”

Erase Me‘ was written and recorded over the summer of 2017 with producer Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, 3OH!3) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Failure, Jimmy Eat World), with the narrative behind these new 11-songs addressing the circumstances that led to the demise of the band back in 2013, how they can be honest with themselves and with their fans, and the group’s further disenchantment with religion – something that was becoming increasingly clear in their last couple releases.

Which may have more or less touched upon with the album’s first single, the biting bitterness of ‘On My Teeth‘ – a surging, soaring, and punchy rock track full of busy riffs, Nine Inch Nails electronic parts and rapid drumming, all set to a backdrop of lyrical betrayal (“Let’s get this straight/I’m fine without you/I’m not your fucking prey“) and the very real, very dark places we often fall into (“So where were you/When I fell out/Went back into the dark/I’m lost again/So don’t come find me“). Much like 2013’s single ‘Sunburnt‘, this new piece contains elements from Sleepwave whilst forgoing parts of that heavier direction Underoath were heading on with 2010’s ‘Disambiguation‘, what with a more rock-than-metalcore song-writing approach and with frontman Spencer Chamberlain taking the main dual-vocal lead throughout. But that’s no bad thing, as it still showcases their powerful musicianship and the strong dynamic between their heavier undercurrents and their lighter, hookier flares. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll be sure to have this track on repeat all fucking day.

As someone who loves this band’s music more than I love actual people in my life (2006’s ‘Define The Great Line‘ forever fam), I am so happy that the band has pushed forward beyond the mere reunion stage and is now fully returning with new music. I am also so excited, so curious and so nervous to hear the rest of this new record, and I’m far from the only one with that boiling anticipation right now too. But something tells me that ‘Erase Me‘ will be more than worth the long wait and will most likely live up to the immense hype around it. I mean, this is Underoath we’re talking about here!

‘Erase Me’ is out Friday, April 6th via Fearless Records & Caroline Australia – pre-order the album here. Check out the track listing below:

It Has To Start Somewhere
On My Teeth
Wake Me
Sink With You
Hold Your Breath
No Frame
In Motion
I Gave Up

14 Responses to “Underoath Announce New Album, ‘Erase Me’”

  1. Hellman

    Dtgl was a classic. It was different to tocs but was still awesome. Keen to check out the new stuff but yeah won’t be surprised if it’s shit.

  2. Firey

    Okay, so gave DTGL a few more listens…

    No way its better than Chasing Safety….theres bascially no memorable songs on it, though it is half consistent in a way, its not bad, its just not great kinda.

    No stand out tracks like Boy Brushed, Dangerous Business, Young & Aspiring, etc…

    And no stand out or memorable clean vocals, where as Chasing Safety is littered with them.

    DTGL seems to kind of sit at the same level the entire time…where as CS builds to epic moments.


    • Owen Morawitz

      Hhmmmm… I feel like DTGL has stacks of memorable songs and great clean vocals (In Regards To Myself, Writing On The Walls, You’re Ever So Inviting, etc.); not to mention Moving For The Sake Of Motion, which is easily one of the band’s best tracks. Ever.

      IMO, DTGL took the band’s sound and line-up change from TOCS, and went next-level with almost every aspect of their sound: it’s catchy; it’s heavy, the lyrics have real personal depth, and Spencer’s vocal range finally felt natural in tone and matched the band’s compositions. It has the hooks and chorus moments of TOCS, but it’s also raw and angry, with moments that hit like Isis or Botch at their peak.

      Also, with the ‘sit at the same level’ thing, it’s weird that you make that comment Firey, when you’ve made it very clear that you have a massive Xenocide boner, which (to me anyway) was essentially just gutturals, blast beats, noodle riffs and breakdowns for the better part of an hour. Now, I’m not knocking Aversions; they do what they do, and do it well, but I would argue that DTGL has a lot more versatility, dynamics and ‘epic moments’ than you’re giving it credit for.

      Just my two cents… I love TOCS & DTGL equally ^___^

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