Incentives Release New Single, ‘Flicker’

A hot new tune from the Incentives boys. 

After a handful of shows, a small East Coast tour with Diamond Construct and Coves, and the release of their ‘Dusk‘ EP in 2016, 2017 was easily the quietest year for Melbourne’s Incentives. Yet it seems that the young band put that downtime to good use, as yesterday the band dropped their brand new single, the pure fire that is ‘Flicker‘, one of the band’s best songs yet.

Recorded and produced with Ocean Grove’s Sam Bassal, and with guitarist Max Hopkins filming the song’s music video and creating the clip’s visuals, the track premiered via Dreambound and is a solid continuation of where the group sonically left off two years ago with their debut EP. Striking a well-rounded balance between beauty, heaviness, simplicity and complexity, Incentives newest track deals with the emotional stress of dealing with a deceitful friend or family member who never learns from their mistakes and who never grows in life, and it’s a powerful kick in the guts.

Taking the best musical cues of Stories‘ technicality, Diamond Construct’s bends, Volumes levels of groove and Northlane-like tones and riffs, the band’s melodic, bouncy and techy metalcore sound has never sounded as fresh, as punchy or as clean as it does now. Sure, it’s all familiar sounding stuff by way of their genre and even the band’s own previous releases, but it’s well written and strongly executed that that doesn’t really detract from the overall experience. After all, I firmly believe that Incentives are still one of the better local acts in which the age-old write-off term of “generic” isn’t at all a bad thing here.

Check out ‘Flicker‘ below.

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