Aburden Sign With Greyscale Records, Release New Song ‘To The Sky’

Big things are coming from Aburden in 2018, and it all starts right now. 

Melbourne’s Aburden are starting off 2018 with a real bang. First off, the band have now signed up with local grassroots label, Greyscale Records and secondly, they’ve just dropped a massive new single in the shape of ‘To The Sky‘, a grand sonic crossover of all their different sounds and influences.

Building off from a widescreen electro-ambient soundscape early on, ‘To The Sky‘ re-enters the band’s post-hardcore/melodic hardcore atmosphere soon enough, complete with Mason Forster’s screamed/spoken word parts, before the song reaches a massive climax out as Mason ends the monolithic piece with a quiet piano outro (now one of the frontman’s new roles in the band too). The guitars here are expansive, large and often layered, the melodies all-over this track are bigger than anything else the group have put forward thus far, and guitarist Kyle Burrows‘ clean vocals have greatly improved, while also being just as warm and clear as ever.

I honestly didn’t expect to hear a song quite like ‘To The Sky‘ from Aburden, at least not so soon in their still young lifespan as a band and after the style and sound of last year’s ‘My Old Friend‘ EP.

Collectively, the Aussie quintet had this to say about their fresh new single, writing:

“To The Sky’ is, to us, a mature step in our sound. We’ve have all grown as individuals and as a band since we first started at the beginning of 2016, we couldn’t be happier with what we think is our most ambitious step yet.  All of our different influences and sounds blended together in. Along with the shift in sound, there has been a shift in roles as Mason (Scream/Spoken Word Vocals) is now playing piano along with his vocals as Kyle’s (Clean Vocalist/Guitarist) vocals take more of a push forward. It was something that we have wanted to do for a long time and everything just came together perfect.”

Check out the band’s cinematic collaboration with Crystal Arrow Films, one that borrows themes and elements from sci-fi films like InterstellarThe Martian, The Cloverfield Paradox as well as GravemindsAnaesthesia‘ film clip from last year (minus all the deathcore), below.

Header photo Credit: Lord Media. 

Aburden will be playing Bang this Saturday night, February 10th with Queensland’s Stateside and fellow pop-punk label mates, Stuck Out. 

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