Hellions Release New Single, ‘X (Mwah)’

The Hellions boys are back in town with ‘X (Mwah)’. 

After performing this song live at this year’s Unify Gathering the other month and after having it’s radio premiere on Triple J yesterday, Hellions have today officially dropped their long-awaited new single, ‘X (Mwah)‘. And it’s an… interesting new tune, to say the very least. But it’s one that I dig nonetheless!

This vibrant, funky and colourful punk jam continues the local favourites ‘Opera Oblivia‘-era quirks, anthemic sing-alongs and melodic chords, and is the first piece of new music from the Sydney quartet since the release of 2016’s aforementioned LP, the critically-acclaimed ‘Opera Oblivia‘. Truly, the once young hardcore band who wrote song’s like ‘Infamita‘ or ‘Lie‘, this sure is not anymore. Hellions have bloomed into something deeper, something more dynamic and something grander and that’s all for the better I feel; there’s just far more lasting appeal in their music now than ever before.

Plus, if this new track infuriates the very small but still vocal edgy pit-lords of their fan base who wish that Hellions still dropped generic shit like their old band, The Bride, then that makes me even happier.

Anyway, my own passive-aggressiveness aside, as for ‘X (Mwah) itself, it’s lyrically a loving yet also defeatist ode to life, living in the moment, the miracle that is our very existence and downright recklessness (“Are we water without salubrity?/We’re not so bright for breathing cosmic debris…”). All of which is backed up by Hellions‘ now refined mixture of massive hooks, added instrumentation of strings and pianos, poppy melodies, relatable lyrics, chirpy guitars, groovy rhythms courtesy of powerhouse drummer Anthony Caruso, and that driving punk rock attitude that still boils away underneath the surface.

Hellions guitarist and co-vocalist, Matt Gravolin, recently explained the track in a PR statement, saying: 

“60% of the human body consists of water. We are made of stardust atoms. These are remarkable things to contemplate – our very being is miraculous! But considering how few of our actions bear the salubrity of the water we’re composed of and how little light we’re projecting unto the world each day is enough to make one believe we are more of an aberrational race than a miraculous one. This is very much an escapist anthem, we’re embracing abandon and recklessness. We hope you enjoy it!

Likewise, in a recent interview with our peers over at Depth Mag, Gravolin added on the new album(!) that they’ll be dropping later this year via UNFD.

Depth Mag: You guys shared the exciting news that an album is DONE and will be on the way this year, as well as the bouncy and vibrant new track ‘X’. I’ve got to ask: How does one follow up a masterpiece like Opera Oblivia?! Was the idea of doing that daunting?

Matt: “It was indeed quite daunting at times! We didn’t set any large objective, initially, in order to avoid unnecessary pressure. There must be a completely organic flow present to create honest music. I’ll start by trying to match present emotions with guitar chords as best as I can until some semblance of a project takes its own shape. The bigger picture will begin to rear its head a couple of months into the blind process.

You can check out the music video of ‘X (Mwah)‘ – directed by Neal Walters – below. What’s your vibe on this new track?

To celebrate this new single’s release, Hellions will be rocking Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel on Friday, March 9th. Tickets are on sale now.

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