Premiere: Sanctum & Solace Drop New Single, Reveal New EP

FFO: Vitals, She Cries Wolf, Deadlights. 

The only thing more disgustingly hot than this summer’s face-melting heat are the new songs from Mackay’s Sanctum & Solace.

Ever since the release of ‘Slave‘ last year’, this emotionally gripping hardcore outfit from the tropical areas of North Queensland are quickly becoming one of my new favourite bands in Australia of late. Mainly because every single pounding drum hit, punishing riff, feedback screech, pained growl and emotive scream they produce sounds like it’s been pulled from the deepest well of rage and venom. Which is why we’re bloody stoked to be premiering the four-piece’s blazing new tune, ‘1096‘, as well as the proper reveal of their EP, ‘Made Wrong‘, which will drop on Friday, February 23rd. (Also, straight up, I’ve had their new EP for a little bit now and it’s fucking great, get stoked).

The below visuals from the ‘1096‘ lyric video – edited/illustrated by Callan Nicholson at Achiever Visuals – culminates with the song’s lyrics to tell a damning first-person told story of alcoholism and the terrible effects that such an addiction have on one’s personality, mental health, and their friends and family. On the track’s name and meaning, the band state that “1096, meaning a mentally disturbed person. Fighting through anxiety, anger, depression and regrets at the ingress of alcoholism. Having no money, no happiness, inability to accept what is with heartbreak to blame.

It’s dark, its ugly, it’s heavy and after the brooding tale in ‘Slave‘ of bitter love loss, I’d expect nothing less.

As for their ‘Made Wrong‘ EP, the six-track release was mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves at Tall Tree Studios which has now sadly closed down. Before the studio’s doors closed, however, Hargreaves cut the band’s brutally energetic take on hardcore; using all live takes of the band in the studio to capture that necessary live energy. 

The band’s guitarist James Levin wants everyone to know that “Made Wrong is the sum total of our energy and output of last year – we are more than keen to put these tracks out into the world so everyone else can get around them.

Now, Sanctum & Solace have been operating since 2013 and I think it’s about time the rest of Australia and the world knew who they were. If you don’t know this band, well, you can now start right here.

‘Made Wrong’ lands on Friday, February 23rd. Get keen!

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