The Comfort Sign With Greyscale Records, Release New Single ‘Mesada’

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” – William Blake. 

Joining the ranks of some of our favourite Australian bands like Belle Haven and Justice For The Damned, as well as yesterday’s signees in Melbourne pop-punk crew Stuck Out, Brisbane’s The Comfort are now the latest up and coming local act to join the ever-growing Greyscale Records family.

Following in the wake of the huge response given for their damned solid 2016 EP ‘Love‘ (‘Love And Other Drugs‘ is still an utter banger), the young Brisbane rock/post-hardcore band haven’t revealed this new signing without being empty-handed, as they today release their gorgeous, soaring new single, ‘Mesada‘ – easily one of my favourite songs from the group yet.

According to the band themselves, ‘Mesada‘ is one of those pieces that just didn’t fit into the context of what else they were working on at the time, but its significance was not lost on the band, so it now releases as a single from their studio time with producer Sonny Truelove.

Vocalist Liam Holmes mentioned of this stand-alone tune that “Mesada isn’t informed by our past and doesn’t influence our future. It is a standalone moment in time, it’s about looking into yourself and how you interact with the world, seeing all the light and dark and realising your control, or lack of.” He also added that the piece draws influence from his work with Huachuma in Peru, “…which I believe enables one to look at themselves and the world around them in a totally unique way and challenges thought processes in a way you may not be able to otherwise.

Now, as for being the latest Greyscale addition, Holmes shared his thoughts about the label itself and states how easy it was to form a strong relationship with label heads, Ash Hull and Joshua Merriel, saying:

As a band we pride ourselves on being honest and genuine and for us doing anything other than signing with Greyscale would have gone against that. Ash and Josh have both personally supported us since we released our Love EP over a year ago and it was the most organic thing we could do to make our relationship formal. We are so excited to be a part of a roster that is home to some of the best talent in Australia and we can’t wait to show everyone what been working on; and being apart of Greyscale helping the Australian music scene grow as a whole.

Have a fantastic taste of what’s to come from one Australia’s most exciting bands in 2018 – ‘Mesada‘. (Oh and it’s pronounced may – sah – day, just as an FYI).

Check out The Comfort’s support shows with The Hunna and Coasts (EAST COAST DATES ONLY) below: 




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