Architects’ Sam Carter Gives Heartfelt Speech About Tom Searle At Unify

“There is no shame in crying, there is no shame in hurting, and there is no shame in telling every single one of your friends and family that you love them because you don’t how long you have with them” – Sam Carter. 

As we all know, 2018’s instalment of Unify Gathering kicked off yesterday on Friday, January 12th and it will be running through the rest of the weekend (at the time of writing this piece, Young Lions should be in the middle of wowing the rain-weary crowd).

Now, one standout moment on the festival’s first day was the triumphant appearance from Architects – who also made good on their word and returned to play Adelaide earlier this week due to that 2016 Bring Me The Horizon tour being cancelled halfway through – all before headliners Parkway Drive smashed through 2007’s mighty ‘Horizons‘. Anyway, during Architects as-per-usual solid live set, a choked up and tearful Sam Carter took the time to speak from the heart about the love and importance of their deceased guitarist Tom Searle; as a friend, as a person, as a songwriter, and added how thankful he and his four bandmates are for the constant support and deep love shown by their fans and other punters alike.

And look, there’s no real need for me to insert myself into this emotional moment in the slightest or add anything else for the pure sake of word count. So please, watch Carter’s full speech about Tom (filmed by one James Williamson, which was recently sent into our pals over at New Fury Media), below:

Header PC: Steven Cook.

Stream Architects most recent single, ‘Doomsday’ below:  

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