Budapest’s Harmed Are A Band You Need To Take Note Of ASAP

Harmed are sick. Please listen to Harmed. Cheers. 

Yes yes, I am more than well aware that we’re quickly approaching a peak amount of edgy, nu-metal-tinged metalcore bands of late. But look, please hear me out with this one: you have to check out what Harmed have to offer.

Formed back in 2017, I feel that this newcomer Budapest four-piece – rounded out by vocalist Levente Spicze, guitarists Balazs Keresztesi and Gabor Toth, and drummer Mihaly Zsakay – are definitely a band to watch out for in 2018 and onwards. As there is just such a deep level of anger, darkness, bite and venom to this Hungarian outfit’s brand of heavy music – instrumentally, lyrically and vocally – that it’s all rather hard not for their bloody hooks to sink right into your flesh and remain there for ages at a time.

Harmed’s debut EP, ‘From Day One‘, was released last month via Famined Records but the band have pulled a couple singles out of their hat from this fresh new EP. Now, the djentier, riffier and occasionally more melodic ‘605‘ along with the faster, pained tone and borderline schizophrenic lyric writing a la Sworn In on ‘Not Myself‘ are fine tunes in of themselves. But it’s with the blood-curdling tune of ‘Speechless/Deaf‘ that really takes the cake here. Combining the sheer aggression and powerful punch of your Emmure’s, the insane bounce and groovy chugs of your Architects‘, and the riffs, breakdowns and mosh-worthy brutality of your mainstay Sumerian Records roster, ‘Speechless/’Deaf‘ is one hell of a banger. It’s just relentless in pace and rage and it flows so well from start to end without getting too bogged down by their genre’s repetition. For there’s just… something about this piece that I love and I truly hope that it’s this “something” that Harmed tap into on their future releases as well.

See what the fuck I’m on about below and bang your head:

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