Our 2017 Album Of The Year Poll Results Are In!

Yep, no surprises from us about Polaris winning.

The results from our 2017 album of the year voters poll from our readers and contributors alike are now in. As you’ve noticed by now, Sydney’s Polaris have won our 2017 poll for their debut record, ‘The Mortal Coil‘ (read our review of it here). From the onset of the poll going live two weeks ago, Polaris dominated the voting tally by literally hundreds of votes and it was clear that they’d win from even early on in the competition. So big congrats to the Sydney metalcore five-piece who have worked damned hard in 2017 and who are going to be having one hell of a massive 2018 next year!

Of course, despite Polaris’s huge lead, we did have 19 other runner-up artists who were all vying for those remaining top spots, which you can see below:

  1. Northlane – ‘Mesmer’
  2. Ocean Grove – ‘The Rhapsody Tapes’
  3. Alpha Wolf – ‘Mono’
  4. Honest Crooks – ‘Suffer’
  5. AFI – self-titled (The Blood album)
  6. Justice For The Damned – ‘Dragged Through The Dirt’
  7. Kublai Khan – ‘Nomad’
  8. Neck Deep – ‘The Peace & The Panic’
  9. The Gloom In The Corner – ‘Homecoming’
  10. Belle Haven – ‘You, Me And Everything In Between’
  11. While She Sleeps – ‘You Are We’
  12. In Hearts Wake – ‘Ark’
  13. Make Them Suffer – ‘Worlds Apart’
  14. Wage War – ‘Deadweight’
  15. Thy Art Is Murder – ‘Dear Desolation;
  16. Deadlights – ‘Mesma’
  17. Converge – ‘The Dusk In Us’
  18. Bare Bones – ‘Bad Habits’
  19. Code Orange – ‘Forever’

After those artists, we had a further shortlist of releases that just didn’t quite make the cut into the top 20, which included the likes of Tired Minds, Stick To Your Guns, Chelsea Wolfe, Counterparts, August Burns Red, Citizen, Paramore, and Emmure.

Either way, congrats to all of the band’s and we’ll be contacting the winners of this year’s prize pool shortly. Thank you all for playing!

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    • Alex Sievers Alex Sievers

      Yeah, look, I personally wouldn’t have listed the Polaris album as my AOTY but they’re the winners.

      Overall, we had 1,702 voters. It was pretty spread out this year as a few albums only have like 10-20 votes with only a couple of other records in the list not getting any votes at all. But yes, a lot of those votes did go to The Mortal Coil, especially right at the start and over the last week.

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