Photo Gallery: Graves – 24/11/2017 – Enigma Bar, Adelaide

Local mosh crew Graves have had a good run over the years; from 2016’s solid full-length ‘Monster‘, supporting some of the biggest heavy bands here in Australia and abroad to putting on many crazy good live shows in their time together. However, all good things must come to an end and that final chapter for this Wollongong/Newcastle group came to a close last week. Hitting up Adelaide’s Enigma Bar last Friday night while on their final tour with their pals in Void Of Vision, Adelaide riff-lords Reactions and Melbourne newcomers Thornhill, we captured Graves in action for the final time…


0Z9A2663 0Z9A2671 0Z9A2658 0Z9A2724 0Z9A2862 0Z9A2683 0Z9A2738


0Z9A2753 0Z9A2778 0Z9A2814 0Z9A2800 0Z9A2789 0Z9A2755 0Z9A2777 0Z9A2782 0Z9A2831 0Z9A2838

Void Of Vision:

0Z9A3017 0Z9A3027 0Z9A3034 0Z9A3055 0Z9A3058 0Z9A3082 0Z9A3084 0Z9A3085 0Z9A3067 0Z9A3095 0Z9A3125 0Z9A3090 0Z9A3139 0Z9A3141 0Z9A3234 0Z9A3181


0Z9A2854 0Z9A2866 0Z9A2863 0Z9A2863 0Z9A2870 0Z9A2921 0Z9A2962 0Z9A2898 0Z9A2899 0Z9A2956 0Z9A2951 0Z9A3000 0Z9A2995 0Z9A2984 0Z9A2983 0Z9A2911 0Z9A2908

PC: our good friend, Steven Cook. Find more of his work here

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