We Butter The Bread With Butter Cover Big Shaq’s ‘Man’s Not Hot’

Anything for a shred of relevancy, I suppose. 

Ask yourself this: what’s worse or cringier than Big Shaq (AKA English comedian Michael Dapaah) fooling countless people around the world into thinking that he was a genuine rapper with his over-the-top and clearly piss-taking hip-hop track, ‘Man’s Not Hot‘? Well, if you answered We Butter The Bread With Butter’s new unironic cover of the now god-like meme hit, then you’re the winner (and deep shame upon you for even daring to think of such a monstrosity in the first place).

Yet this monstrosity is indeed real, with the German band’s metal rendition going live the other day. WBTBWB’s version of ‘Man’s Not Hot‘ truly is the cover song that you didn’t know that you didn’t want in your life. And somehow – somehow – the original is better. After all, heavy does not always equal good.

For a band who started off as a bit of a joke act and whose fans have been asking for new material for a while, this German deathcore outfit has a weird way of making good on such matters. As they’ve instead opted for a bit of a shitpost release. Of course – and rather sadly – this is going to get them a heap of coverage. (Hell, even this very post is proof of that). And purely out of the fact it’s a motherfucking Big Shaq cover and not because it’s a WBTBWB song, though.

(Don’t) stream this cover of ‘Man’s Not Hot‘.

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