Surroundings Return With Beautifully Heavy New Song ‘Paper Cranes’

Surroundings also have a new album on the way!

Okay, legitimate question here: is there something in the water over in Perth?

2017 has seen the Western Australian capital and somewhat falsely labelled “most isolated city in the world” become a real musical hotbed for some of this year’s best heavy releases. From Cursed Earth’s brutal ‘Cycles Of Grief‘ record, Spilt Cities‘ stunning debut LP ‘life, on hold‘, Deadspace’s new magnum opus ‘The Liquid Sky’, Statues amazingly poignant and humane ‘No Grave, No Burial‘ record, to even small-time hardcore locals Bitter Taste dropping a wicked new demo last week; Perth-based artists are continually bringing the goods!

The very same is true of fellow Perth-based melodic metalcore crew Surroundings, who are back on track today with their newest release ‘Paper Cranes‘. Produced & engineered by bassist Matthew Templeman (who also plays in Statues) and later by mastered by Simon Struthers of Forensic Audio, like most of Surroundings‘ past material, ‘Paper Cranes‘ is a wonderfully poetic mixture of the light and heavy shades. (Hence my rather paradoxical “beautifully heavy” statement in this article’s title). With the tight djenty guitar chugs from brothers Drew and Leigh Kendell, powerful dual vocals from Nick Roberts, subtle atmospheric elements throughout, emotionally resonating lyrics, and powerful melodies abounding, ‘Paper Cranes‘ is one of the band’s best songs yet. Plus, this song’s refrain of “Folded so carefully/Like paper cranes/Into the ways we think/And opinions we hold” is just fucking glorious!

This massive new single is taken from their upcoming album, ‘Glass Heart‘, and while no release date has been officially set for the record, one can safely expect a 2018 release.

Filmed on various locations around the group’s beautiful state with brother Drew handling directing duties with producer Daniel Thom – with Tendai Muchacha (older brother) and Adeson Oyasope (younger brother) nailing their lead roles – check out the clip for ‘Paper Cranes‘ below.

Oh, Surroundings, I’ve missed you fucking dearly.

Be sure to check out Surroundings previous two dual singles ‘Elizabeth‘ and ‘Jane‘. And of course, their debut album ‘Of Bane, Burden, And Change’ is just as killer as it was three years ago. 

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