The Wait Is Over: New DVSR Is Here – ‘Slave To The Beat’

And it’s fucking sick!

One of my favourite Aussie records from 2015 was DVSR’s self-titled record, a release that still gets regular rotation from yours truly. Yet while there’s a lot of love and hype for this independent Sydney band, the four-piece have been very, very quiet throughout 2017. And if you weren’t paying attention or if you were living under a very large rock last December, then you may have missed the band’s one-off 2016 single, ‘Bad Company‘; meaning that their 2015 LP was the last thing you would’ve heard from DVSR.

Thankfully, finally, their silence broke this afternoon with the release of ‘Slave To The Beat‘. Written & recorded by DVSR, ‘Slave To The Beat‘ is exactly what fans love and expect; jagged yet chunky high-gated guitar riffs, air-tight drumming and bouncy rhythms, one mentally slick production and vocalist Matthew Youkhana’s no-bullshit, conviction-filled rapping leading the heavy-hitting charge.

Of course, this group’s hybrid sound of rap/hip-hop/djent isn’t all that revolutionary, what with there being plenty bands jacking similar sounds, but DVSR are definitely one of the best bands in the game for this style of heavy music. Something they’ve been doing since ‘Unconscious‘ first dropped.

But wait, that’s not all!

With today’s release of the ‘Slave To The Beat‘, the band also announced their new seven-track EP, ‘Therapy‘, will drop on Monday, November 20th. A new DVSR song right now and then a brand new EP in a week’s time? Somebody pinch me, please. But that being said… a Monday is a bit of an odd fucking release day. So, if you’re a fan and have been hanging out for a new release from these dudes, step up next Monday and pick up this sure-to-be-sweet EP.

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